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Sub upgrade...(again)


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Hi crew. Spring is in the air, as is the smell of amp and sub upgrades. Absolute bass head here, as are my 3 kids. Got some help last year from a few of you and decided to keep my 10" type R and build a ported box. Abused that all season with the Arc FD 600.1 (600w @ 1 ohm), but still want more.

I picked up a used Arc FD 1200.1 on eBay for cheap and wired it in (1100w @ 1 ohm) for a quick test flight of the Type R. I have never heard bass like that in our boat before! We had World Wide Choppers byTech 9 full tilt until my youngest asked me what that burning smell was lol. I did not touch any of the filter or frequency knobs, just gained up and played it...loud.

Anyway enough rambling....I am looking for opinions for a new 12" ( as an addition or replacement). I want chest pounding, obnoxious, clean( or semi clean) bass. I don't want to spend a fortune either but 250 or less is great. A shop in town here has the Exile Xi 12 for $158 right now and that seems cheap, but will it handle the abuse? I am not opposed to another Type R either...especially after our attempt to burn it up.

The amp is good for 1010w at 2 ohms and I think that is the way I will go, and I won't have trouble building a box. From the reading I have done, I think ported is the choice, but I am certainly open to suggestions. Let me know if I am dreaming to expect all of this on a budget...(am probably going to regret not going with 2500w and a 15) and thanks for reading.

PS...the kids' goal is to have water frothing off the hull, but I just prefer cardiac massage. Long live the basshead! Cheers,


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You don't necessarily need 2500 watts to make great bass. Any woofer that will truly handle 2500 watts has definitely made some design trade-offs to withstand that much power.

The most efficient way to make bass is a) more surface area, and b) a variety of enclosure like bass-reflex or bandbass. More power and more excursion is the least efficient route.

With the Exile Xi12, make sure the dealer has the correct voice coil configuration to get a final 2-ohm load.

Three woofers that all have the same voice coil size (2.5 to 2.6"), similar resonance, and a similar 'Qts' would be the Alpine type R, Exile Xi12, and JL Audio 12W3. The pricing for new product is almost the same for all three. Despite differences in power handling ratings, all have the same voice coil size and all will handle similar power. I know the Alpine states 1000 watt rms but that is a lot of power for a 2.6" voice coil to dissipate. On the other hand, most amplifiers will give up about 25% of their 14.4V supply rating with a more realistic 12.6V supply. Keep in mind that the Alpine type R 10 and 12 have the same size VC and you already smoked the 10" type R. Again, another brand with the same VC diameter will handle roughly the same power.

All three woofers have about the same surface area and will function well in a similar size of ported enclosure.

Bass-reflex will give you a nice increase in output over sealed. And a 12 is a nice bump over a 10. With both improvements I would expect a major upgrade. For maximum output, you might tune the enclosure just a few hertz higher and run the subsonic filter just under that tuning frequency. Using a lowpass xover filter at 1.5 octaves above the tuning frequency will help output. 50 to 80 Hz is the targeted range and you don't want much decline above or below that point.

If you want max output and max power handling avoid any bass boost or bass EQ. Gain it up a little instead.

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