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Which wedge for 2000 wakesetter vlx


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Hey guys. Looking at possible adding a wedge to my 2000 vlx. Was wondering what the best type would be. My buddy has a 2003 sportster that has a wedge that is fixed position I guess you would say with the hatch in the teak to lower. He doesn't use it and says I can have it if I fiberglass the bolt holes. Would this wedge be worth putting on my boat? And without a hatch on my teak right, was wondering the best way to build one in.


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buying a new wedge will cost you around 800-1000$ but going with the floating wedge is a better option. The fix wedge is a nice addition, and shouldn't be difficult to add a hatch in your platform. Just pickup a leaver and get the saw out. Just need some stainless steel parts and a few hours and you're good to go. I'm doing mine this year I think.

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You don't need to add a hatch, it's just more convenient. We've had the wedge on our boat for 10 or 11 years now and I just jump in to use it (I'm going to have to get wet anyway). That said if I had the newer non slotted platform I'd probably have added one already, but with the slotted platform I think it looks kind of odd.

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My boat had the fixed wedge installed by the dealer (within a year of purchase) and I have swapped over to the floating wedge. Of note:

- Good luck getting the floating wedge setup used. I lucked into my wedge bracket used but could never scored a used foil, even after months of searching. New they are about $650 shipped for the foil and $500 shipped for the bracket, plus another $20 in bolts, nylock nuts, washers and sealant.

- If buying new, buy the floater, as the fixed wedge is almost as expensive new.

- You can find the fixed wedges used. They won't be cheap - I got about $600 out of my fixed wedge/foil setup (and I didn't have to ship it). If he is giving it to you free that is quite the gift.

- If you are hoping the floating wedge will have a better wake, I did not find that to be the case. I saw no difference over the fixed wedge. I love the look and it is easier to deploy, but I basically spent $300 total out of pocket for a visual upgrade.

- You don't need a door. My platform doesn't have one. If you are using the wedge you are going to be getting in the water. Reach under and deploy it...easy to do. The floater is just easier because you don't have to lock it in place when you deploy it but neither are hard to do. Trust me, if it were an issue there would be a door on my platform...I'm probably one of the most willing people to mod a boat on this site and have 0.0 issues drilling holes anywhere and everywhere. :)

- A great upgrade. I find my boat really lacks push when surfing without the wedge. I can go either way on the wakeboard wake but I also suck at wakeboarding.

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If you read his quote closely, the fixed wedge is offered to him for FREE... He would need to seal the holes on the donating boat.... GO FOR IT... I find that is SHAPES the wake better for wakeboarding and surfing... and provides more push for surfing (as nitros also stated)

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Or, you can just remove the wedge itself from your buddies boat leaving the bracket so the holes wouldn't be an issue, then just buy the bracket online for your boat.

That's another good idea and allows your buddy to add a Scarpa Suppression Plate later if he wants.
All of them new and at prices Smooth Water can probably beat (I didn't pay $700 for my floating foil and you can guess where I got it from......).
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If you saw my buddies boat, you would realize he will not care about 4 holes in the transom down there. Bolts and 4200 would make him more than happy. It's sad but his boat is trashed inside and out. He says he's never deployed the wedge! Not once! lol he doesn't do any water sports. I met him selling used audio equipment from my boat. I did an install cheap for him and he said I could have it since he's never used it if I close the holes. I'm more of a wakeboarder but see myself getting into surfing more this year. Just wanted to know if this wedge will help, and it sounds like it can't hurt. I'll Probably leave teak alone and no hatch. Thanks for all your help guys!

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I installed a fixed wedge on my 1998 VLX. Bought the whole set up for $250. I built the door by just cutting two of the boards in the swim deck, attaching them together underneath, adding a piece of piano hinge and a latch. Cost maybe $50? Took a couple of hours at most and looks factory.............I would definitely go for it.............

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