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Heater problems

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I have a 02 23' wakesetter LSV that the blower for the heater blows on high like its suppose to. But you have to hold switch down for low speed. also found where previous owner had bypassed heater core . Are these heater coils nortrious for leaking? Should I just replace heater coil and blower assembly and kill 2 problems with 1 part or Is there something else I should check first? Any help would be appreciated.

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What kind of switch is the heater wired to? When you say "hold it down," what happens to the switch when you stop holding it down?

If core is leaking, it's likely that it cracked from freeze expansion. The blower thing shouldn't have anything to do with the blower, sounds like a problem at the switch.

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Its a 3 way switch . When you push the top of switch for high. The high speed on the blower comes on and stays on untill you push the switch down again. If you push switch down again the low speed blower comes on. But you have to hold switch down for it to stay on. Do they sell just the heater core or do I have to buy the whole assembly?

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is it a carling switch in your dash? Is the bottom of the switch "momentary" in that it springs back automatically like a horn? Could just be the wrong switch body for the job?

two vent core: http://www.heatercraft.com/200h-heater-core-5-8-hose-barb/

three vent core: http://www.heatercraft.com/300h-400h-heater-core/

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Yes, you should be able to buy just the heater core. Pressure test yours first to be sure it's bad. You may be able to solder it, depending on the cracks.

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The heater core was cracked. I tried to solder it back together but didn't work. So I just ordered the heater core and a new switch from bakes. Thanks for all the help everyone.

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