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Who's gonna be the first to buy this and bolt it to a BU? (Flow)

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As much as I would like one, not for $1200.00. Although highly unlikely, it would sure suck to snag some large heavy object like a rock with that deployed.

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Is it overpriced? ....Yes

Is everything in boating overpriced? ....of course

Malibu wants at least that amount for a floating wedge assembly.

I've never seen the wave from this system but pretty confident that you can stick anything off the side of your boat at almost any angle and it'll make a huge difference. I made my own ghetto gate and it worked great, just looked ugly as sin and took up too much space when not in use...

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I was quoted 890.00 for that at the boat show in Feb installed on a new mondo. Contingent on the purchase of a boat from the show.

Very simple system and I would guess it would work on a malibu if the angle of the transom and side of the boat are similar to the moomba. Just not about to spend that amount of money on a guess.

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I like that someone is selling one. I may still try and make something instead depending on where work and my other projects stand.

But the convenience of being able to buy and basically bolt on goes a long way.

If it works then having it anodized or the exterior powder coated to match the boat would be a clean install!

And to those who are worried about it being ripped out of the hull I have two things:

  1. If you get close enough to catch a rock or stump then you will most likely have other issues to deal with. Like the hole in the hull further forward or your missing running gear.
  2. Either throwing some extra glass or metal backing plates on the interior of the boat should take care of any issues. Aftermarket towers have been doing this with backing plates for years. And something is telling me the transom is already thicker than the top decks.
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I've heard dealers are selling this for $800 - $900, which is still overpriced IMO, though that's how it goes with most marine gear.

If it was more reasonable to purchase one, I'd be willing to install it in on our boat. If I could score just the starboard unit for under $400 I'd be willing to give it a try (I don't care much about the goofy side).

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I can't imagine these wont come with backing plates of some sort. I would have no worries of structural issues, they are making these for 06 moombas!! Malibus definately have thicker glass than those to compensate for the wedge...I watched a video of the system and its hard to tell how good the wave is/isn't. The wave looks long, but really small. Anyone with first hand experience using the flow?

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On the Moomba forum I gather it sounds like it just makes it convenient to switch sides. Sounds like a slammed boat is still the best choice. However they are saying the same thing about surfgate.

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