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New in cabin setup questions


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While I have the windshield frame out for powder coating I decided it was a good time to replace the stereo in my boat which is god awful. My goal is pretty simple. I want to be able to hear the music while cruising and I want quality sound when lounging and swimming around the boat. I have my wife and two small children with me 99% of the time so I don't need some insanely powerful system but I do appreciate quality sound.

Will the 4 cabin speakers get the job done or do I need a sub?

I'm very interested in the Exile SX65m speakers and their XM15.4 amp package. Will I be able to power a sub with this amp if I decide the four speakers are not enough?

Any recommendations on head units? I really like Alpine car units but am not that familiar with marine head units.

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I'm in the same boat, literally. Also in regards to usage with family for cruising and when anchored. I have updated the stereos on my previous sunsetters, and am working on my new to us LXi at the moment. IMO, four good cabin speakers with a reasonable amp do the core of the work quite well. If you decide you need a sub, then I have had great luck with powered versions, which removes the obligation to plan for it now if you are not sure you want to spend the money and cabin space for a sub. In our usage we almost always use our phones to play music, so this time I'm skipping the head unit and adding an EQ to switch between a bluetooth adapter and direct to the phone 3.5" mini jack. If I had to choose between a sub and tower speakers I think I would go for the tower speakers. When we are swimming off the back or at a sand bar they help to hear the sound when you are down below the gunwales...

I'm also close to pulling my windshield to have it powder coated, please post pics of your completed job or any significant tips along the way!

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You could always go with the Javelin setup, . I spoke with Brian and installed this in my boat. I will have 4 pairs of the sx65s with the Javelin amp running cabins and sub. if you feel you want a sub or more speakers later, you'll already be covered


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The exile in boats are excellent, and they sound even better with the addition of a sub. I'm running a 5 channel amp, (fusion) with an alpine type S 10" sub in a sealed box that takes up very little room and sounds very good considering my investment.

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You need a sub, otherwise you will be missing a significant part of the music. A sub is even more essential in a boat than it is in a car.

Alpine has left the marine audio scene. Depending on your needs, you may not even want to run a head unit and just an EQ instead. Do you need any of the following:

- Over the air radio tuner (yuck) or a Sirius tuner?

- CD Player?

- Built-in crossover (IE, using the unit's crossover instead of the amp's)?

- Transom Remote or other remotes in the boat?

- Ability to control the device connected via the head unit?

If none of the above, get an EQ instead of a head unit.

Budget matters. If going all Exile, the Xi sub + two pair of in-boats + Javelin amp is the way to go, but that's $1193; then you still need a source unit + sub box + wiring.

If that's over budget, there are some other alternatives that would sound good as well. Here is a less expensive alternative:

PPI 900.5 @ $210

Polk MM651 @ $300 for two pair

Polk MM1240DVC @ $160

The Exile setup would sound a little better, but we are talking $670 vs $1193. Obviously there are a lot of other combos that would work too, these are just a couple of examples. Regardless of the route you take, a 5 channel amp would be a smart choice for your setup.

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