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Did I install my Wakemakers piggy back system right?


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So here is how I have it setup:

Assume the back of the boat is the back of the locker and were the original fill/drain is the front.

The shortest hose (drain) goes into the front bottom of the bag.

The Fill goes across the back into the furtherest quick connect in the back.

the vent crosses over the fill line and goes to the front of the top of the bag.

Is this correct? Also is the original fill end for the hardtack left empty?

Thanks guys! want to make sure this is right before i do the other side.

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Hard to tell from those pictures, but yeah it looks like yeah maybe, I just did mine right before the last lake trip last season, and it did work. Heres a link http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/index.php?/topic/46326-piggyback-2013-vlx-install-pic/.


I also shouldve added a little more detail on how well it works. When the water starts to flow, first through the top of the bag and into the tank, i make sure that the water isnt being blocked by any folds in the bag that could prevent it from getting all the way into the tank. It works pretty well on its own, but I dont want to put any strain on it. Once the tank is full, the bag begins to fill and once its completely full, it drains out the side of the boat. I find its not needed to fill it 100% full anyways (especially since I dont have near enough weight in the front of the boat yet) but I did make sure it the overflow drained correctly.

When it comes time to drain everything, it works just as its supposed to, except for when the bag gets low I have to lift it so all the water flows to the appropreiate end. No, its not very fast, but it worked, I just hope it still does.

Oh. And by the way, when I have some weight in the middle and front of the boat, the wave is freakin huge. Worth it.

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Joshin, thanks that helps.

It's what I suspected it fills through the bag and then it drains into the tank. Do I hook up the extra line to the open port and thats the overflow?

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Joshin, thanks that helps.

It's what I suspected it fills through the bag and then it drains into the tank. Do I hook up the extra line to the open port and thats the overflow?

I think so yes, but my boat has been at the dealer since October, and my memory aint that great.

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Well just went and checked my suspected vent line and it was the bilge line. I'm starting to think the vent line is all by itself towards the front of the boat.

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Let's see if we can get this fixed up for you. Really quickly:

  1. Factory fill hose that was connected to the hard tank is removed and lengthened using the pre-assembled extension we supplied that has a union fitting in one end, and the Flow-Rite 3/4" Elbow on the other end. That hose will then connect to the rear of the rear of the auxiliary bag at the top.
  2. Pre-assembled link hose that has the 3/4" Flow-Rite Elbow on one end is then used to connect the bottom of the auxiliary ballast bag back to the hard tank where the fill hose was removed in step 1.
  3. Factory vent hose on the hard tank is not touched.
  4. Factory vent hose is removed from the thru-hull fitting on the side of the boat to insert the supplied pre-assembled vent extension that will then connect to the front of the auxiliary bag at the top.
  5. Factory drain is not touched in any way shape or form.

You definitely have your vent connection tied into your bilge pump drain hose, as you can tell by the difference in hose quality (PVC vs. corrugated). That will technically work, but the install will be a little cleaner tied in to the vent fitting at the front of the locker.

Hopefully that helps, feel free to text me at 503-278-5359 if you need help today.



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Thanks! Went back out and looked under and the vent is in the front, changed a few hoses and boom we are good to go!


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