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Building a sub box now, side fire or straight out.


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Ok so I'm building a 1.17 cu in box for under my helm. I am using arc audio black series 12vd2. I have plenty of room to do the sub box either way but not sure which one I should build side fire vs straight out? How far away from the hull should I keep it if I side fire it?

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Side fire usually works out for a slight bump in output from my experience, but most often it is difficult to pull off with certain drivers/ box requirements.

With such a small box you should be able to do that easily though. I take it it's a sealed enclosure correct?

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There is a trade-off. But it's not a gigantic difference.

Side-firing places the woofer in a position with five surfaces folded around it which gives you some nice lower bass reinforcement. However, loading into the under helm cavity will also serve to filter some of the more articulate upper bass and attack.

If side-firing make sure that the minimum distance away from the hull is equal to or greater than half the woofer diameter.

It is critical that if you have an open space under the helm that is adjoined to the under bow seats that you create and install a rigid panel that closes off the bow area.

Direct radiating is the inverse. Better midbass.

If you have the room, on balance, I prefer the side-firing for a bass-reflex 10" or sealed 12". However, if you do go with a 12" bass-reflex, your only option is direct radiating. Besides, in the case of a 12" bass-reflex you don't need the side-firing benefit, but you do need the extra midbass from direct radiating.

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Well I prefer the sound of a sealed box so I was wanting to stay sealed. Under my helm is closed off from the bow as it has a wall that the heater mounts on. It is not sealed however because the ballast hoses and wires run through maybe a 6 inch hole. Will this be a problem or is the hole acceptable? Also I can keep it about 10" away from the hull so I should be ok in David's theory. Now the hull is angled so do I have to match the face of the sub to the hull or can it be square with the dash face so it looks nice? Thanks for the help

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IMO, you get a higher perceived output from side firing it into the hull, but it is a lower quality output. It is more resonation, than hard hitting kicks. Makes it too muddy for me.

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