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Boat cover treatment?


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You won't need to treat it for years unless you wash it. A machine wash will drastically reduce it's water repellency (ask me how I know).

303 is only product that Sunbrella actually recommends for their product any more. I sprayed a full 32 oz bottle of it this winter & that still isn't enough to make it repel water as well as it did.

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My 2001 cover was getting pretty nasty when on the trailer, under the trees and under the spider webs at the marina so I decided to take a chance and use

Nikwax Hardshell which I've used for years on my snowboard gear. (utilized a pickle barrel that I picked up on Craigslist instead of stuffing it in a washing machine) Once it was dry I put 2 coats of 303 Fabric Guard on.

Anyone that's interested PM me and I'll let you know how it turns out this year.

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I get a gallon of this http://www.starbrite.com/item/waterproofing-with-ptef?category_id=558 and refill a spray bottle.

I did this on the crappy canvas cover that came with our boat (that rarely gets used since she stays in the garage). Works really well. But instead of a spray bottle, use it in a 1 gallon weed sprayer pump - works much better.
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My process was every couple of years I would reapply several coats of 303 fabric guard. To prep I would hand/foot wash the cover in our Jacuzzi tub with Woolite (don't use normal detergents too harsh), stomp around for 30 minutes or so then rinse thoroughly. Hang dry in the basement then apply the 303 on a warm sunny day while the cover was on the boat. I also drape extra sheets along the side of the boat so I don't get any 303 overspray on the boat.

Did this to my Evolution cover for my Supra and I now do it on my Malibu oem cover. Works great and make sure you're generous with the 303. Nothing like watching water run off your cover right into your boat! I need to modify the holes near my tower base....nice Malibu design...

Good luck. 303 is great stuff.

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But instead of a spray bottle, use it in a 1 gallon weed sprayer pump - works much better.

That's a good idea. I'll pick one up next time I'm at Home Depot. The spray bottle I have is tiring and leaky.

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Been washing mine in an 80 lb washer with detergent (no bleach and no fabric softner) and a little Oxy. Then wash it a 2nd time with no detergent. Sun dry and apply 303. All is good.

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I was planning on putting something like 303 on my cover and Bimini this year...wondering how far this stuff goes. Should I go with something like the the 32 oz bottle or should I spring for a gallon?

Definitely a good excuse to use the weed sprayer I've only used once!

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Unfortunately my boat sits outside, but under "tarp" garage on the side of my house. We get a good amount of wind so the cover will get dirty. Even when not in use in the winter, I still wash the boat every month and wax every two. (I'm anal). I'll just have to keep an eye on the cover as it gets quite dirty/dusty from the wind. But thanks for all the great advice


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Let us know how the product works. Seems like someone else awhile back mentioned the same stuff but I never remember hearing about the results.

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