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Front tank removal - VTX


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I was looking at what it would take to install my Ramp N Clamp and the first step is the extended bow hook. Thought that would be a 5 minute job until I removed the panel under the bow seats and saw the tank completely blocking access to the back side of the hook.

How tough is it to remove the tank, what all needs to be disconnected? I see a wiring harness, which I assume is just a level sensor. How many hoses are there to disconnect and where is the best place to disconnect them?


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I don't have any answers to that, but if you could. Please tech pictures and document your work. This sounds like something others can learn a lot from.

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Pull the small panel in front of the tank at the walkway. It should have two screws in it on each side of the walkway going down into the small ledge for the seats to sit on. The hose connections are there. The tank in mine was never screwed down and it could slide around a bit. I would imagine if it's mounted down, it can't be in very many places due to the design.

The wires are for the level sensor and there should be a inline connector behind the panel.

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Not the same things but similar. I tried to pull my front tank because the instrument cluster stopped picking up the front tank. The dealership said I needed to slide the tank back find the ground wire and reconnect it. I took all the screws out and pushed and pulled for hours. I never could even get it to budge. Let me know how it goes because mine is really in there, or I am missing a step. Needless to say my cluster still doesn't read the front take. Not the same boat but I am sure that part can't be to hugely different.

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I just did this on my 11 VLX. First off, I'm sorry I did not take pictures, It's more of an effort than I thought it would be. Here are a few details.

Remove the upper cover below the seats. On my VLX it is not carpeted and there are 4 screws.

Tank - Tank comes our with 4 Phillips screws at the back of the tank (you need a long bit). The wiring unplugs. Remove the hose connected to the tank mounted pump and the hose connected to the tank.

Bow eye - You can get to the eye a little easier with the tank out, but you still don't have much room due to the angles. I found you have to remove the lower seat back in the front curve of the bow. 2 Phillips screws down low and 2 bolts that come in from behind. Pay attention to where you remove the bolts from behind. On my VLX there were several holes in the fiberglass where the seat matches up so you need to remember where the bolts go thru the fiberglass. Reinstalling the seat back is the most difficult part of the job. I found it was easier to reinstall the bolts from behind by sticking my are thru the speaker hole. Removing and replacing the speaker is easy, but pay attention to the wiring if you are not familiar.

Once the seat back is out, there is a large hole in the fiberglass where you can get to the upper nut on the eye with a socket. The lower nut is a little tougher.

Reinstall. Good Luck!

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TideRides description was right on. Had the day off so I decided to mess with it.

1) Remove cover (4 screws)

2) Find 2 hidden screws in the carpet that hold in the carpeted "step" and remove them

3) Unplug pump and sender

4) remove 2 hose clamps on the back side hoses

5) remove the 4 screws holding the tank to the floor

6) tilt tank up from the back and pull it back so you can disconnect the front hose

7) Pick up the tank, spill water all over the place and remove

The bolts for the bow hook are easily accessible now with a 3/4" flex head gear wrench

Now the real fun begins

1) realize that the extended bow hook and Ramp'N Clamp isn't going to fit unless the boat is a couple inches further back on the trailer

2) Swear a bit and put it all back together, making sure to seal the bow hook with some 4200














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