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Tightening Illusion X tower to prevent stress cracks

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I would check them if you are worried about it. Then once or twice a season. You might want to tighten the platform brackets while you're at it. And anything else you can check would be wise.

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Forgive me for my dumb question, but when you say platform do you mean the swim step?

Yes, I mean the bolts that hold the swim platform brackets to the transom, they can also cause stress cracks in the gelcoat. Really they should be removed and the holes chamfered so stress cracks can't start but even I don't do that.

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I have Illusion X as well and I don't ever remember reading they needed to be tightened. Is yours loose, or does it work it's way loose?

This is just trying to prevent any stress cracks from starting, you don't know if it's loose until you check. This goes for every nut, bolt and screw on your boat, if you keep everything maintained and tighten loose stuff that you can find your boat will be quiet and solid and last a long time. The choice is yours

You might want to examine the entire tower, as there have been failures. I look over every inch of it at the beginning of the season and no tubes are ever to be pulled off the tower, unless your just idling.

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Thanks for your help. I have learned so much from everyone.

This site is very addictive! Plus it is saving me a ton of money.

We'll i don't know about saving money......seems like the Crew loves to make suggestion on how they want to see us spend our

monies on our BUs....


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........... and no tubes are ever to be pulled off the tower, unless your just idling.

What if you have the ballast filled at the time too. :Doh::rofl:

All Illusion owners should also be checking the hinge points in that tower. They have bushings that will wear out or even seize up... in which case they should be replaced ASAP. If they wear, the tower will move everytime you go over a bump or wave & can pinch your skin if you happen to be touching it at the time. It causes a nasty blood blister when it happens.

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