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HELP! AMP Selection


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Have an installer coming tomorrow to give me a quote on 6 polk mm651s and an amp to power them along with my two Bazooka mt8002 tower tubes. Im planning on getting a fusion deck with 75w per channel also to power two of the speakers up front. Any advice on amps??? I got a great deal on the speakers and bazookas so i would like to stick with those. I didnt know what ya'll thought of maybe running the JL m6600. Thanks

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I just pulled 6 polk mm651um's out of my boat that I wouldn't mind selling. They were only used twice. They were powered with a Polk PA D4000.4 amp. The amp might be for sale as well. Not sure what kind of deal your are getting on the speakers, but I might be able to beat that price just to get them out of my garage.

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That Fusion deck "might" make 18 watts RMS per channel. I wouldn't waste powering the front speakers with that.

Amp depends on the specs of those towers, but I'm guessing they are rated pretty low. Which speakers do you have - the MM651 or MM651UM? The MM651 is a 2.7ohm speaker, which would not work with a head unit's amp anyway.

If running MM651's, two PPI 900.4 amps would be perfect. Run 4 MM651's off one amp then the other two + two towers on the second amp.

IMO, the JLM660 wouldn't be a great choice. AB class amp, 75x6 so it would be a lot less power, yet would still need a second since the MM651 is a 2.7ohm speaker.

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Thats a great amp, I actually have one that I would sell for $550.00 if anyone is interested.

I may be interested. Any potential for concern considering that isn't the marine version? How old? What condition?

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I may be interested. Any potential for concern considering that isn't the marine version? How old? What condition?

It actually is the marine version and it's only been used half a season. It's practically new and I have the box and all docs. Im thinking about going with the hd amps to match my sub amp. At that price though I will ask that you pay shipping and any Paypal fees.


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I was thinking of using it to drive my JL 12W3V3 (2CH Bridged) and (6) interior polks. The sub is currently being driven by a Pioneer GM-7200M and the boat speakers by a Pioneer GM-6300F. I know the JL is less RMS power by spec, but JL seems to be more honest with their ratings. Do you think I would get more out of it (primarily speaking about the sub).

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