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Music Remote Tow Handle!


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I saw this on the Mastercraft Teamtalk forum. Check this out, it's a remote control that controls the stereo, integrated into the handle! There's a picture on the survey you can see before taking it. Enter "WINNER" and your email address in the secret code box to enter a chance to win the product or $500 cash. check it out https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YMVPXPG

Seems like a great idea- i'm always yelling at the passengers to pause the f'ing music so i can say something to the driver. Thoughts?

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In all seriousness, I don't agree with giving the rider control. Me as a driver, I am responsible for what happens to both my boat, the passengers, and others around me. I do not want to fight the rider for volume control when either an emergency boat is coming by (i see it happen) or a passenger is trying to get my attention. If you want to cruise with loud music, fine, but IMO there is no need for the rider to hear the music other than they "think it is cool" Or when you see people teaching their kids to ride and the music is blasting. Kid is hanging on for dear life, can't hear instruction, but can hear the music.

If you are having to tell passengers, to ask the driver to turn down the music, your driver needs help. They should not be in control of hat vessel. You should be his main focus, not the radio.

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If there was on override and preset to allow the driver to set max volume and take control when he needs to, i think this would be great. Maybe leave volume control out of it altogether. Being able to put what song you want on in a playlist would be great, and pause when you want to say something to the boat. I rode years without tunes, behind an I/O for that matter... tunes are a must to get me pumped in 55 deg water... vodka too, and tunes.

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I would just make a playlist on the fly on my ipod. (what do they call that? "On-the-go" or something?)

Maybe just 5-6 songs. Hand ipod to driver and ask them to play it while I'm out there.

Problem solved.

Plus, I only last about 2 songs.

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I think safety would improve with the rider hitting pause when he needs to communicate. Heck, he could even save the vessel- i've seen the rider point out safety hazzasrds before anyone else- could hit pause to get attentin. The driver has many things to watch for (like other boats) and isnt always watching the rider- that's what the spotters are for. Problem in my boat is the passengers are all idiots and therefore worthless and the rider and driver are usually the two most experienced in the boat. The passengers cant even be relied on for music control! Ha! My understanding is that a driver could override it at any time with the receiver controls.

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I think it would be badass to control the speed, wedge, ballast from the surf handle. (Boat owner only preferably) . I should trademark this idea, ...done. :)

Just a simple wireless button carried by the surfer to control a surf gate could be the industry key to transfer tricks...

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You need one of these:


:lol::rofl::rofl::lol::surprised::lol: Bwahahahahaha! Omg, oh jeeze.... they should call it the "Loaner" or the "No Friends." That thing probably pulls like crap... it has a little tower, LOL! omg that is good, good laugh.

It has a wedge!! It just gets better!!

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No way. Bad idea. The driver needs to keep the control.

The wires in the Solos handles were a super huge PITA.

Hi Bill, my understanding is that the driver can override the commands at any time withe receiver controls. Also, dont the newer stereos have auto shut off feature if the volume is cranked too high? This is wireless- what are Solos handles?

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Hi Bill, my understanding is that the driver can override the commands at any time withe receiver controls. Also, dont the newer stereos have auto shut off feature if the volume is cranked too high? This is wireless- what are Solos handles?

So you have 2 people in control of the stereo? Doesn't that make somewhat of battle as one person turns it up, and the other turns it down? Or does the rider turn it up & nothing happens?

Solos uses a handle with controls in it too. They used to be wired. And over time, the handle would spin the rope up & the wires would break. But being wireless you shouldn't have that problem. So what kind of wireless technology is being used?

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How does the teakgate solve the problem?

MA's control has a wireless remote for the rider to control the gate. Malibus system helps with the horn for timing, but with the remote, if you can't pull it off, definitely the riders fault ;)

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Posted November 26, 2013 - 06:59 AM
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Alright guys and gals....here's what I've been working on/testing for the past few weeks. Wireless gate control! :yahoo: I'm so pumped to have it done and tested. It makes the surf transition sssoooo much easier because you don't have to sync your timing with anyone in the boat. You just push the button when you want your wave to switch sides. The transmitter is in a waterproof armband with a clear front that lets you feel and see the buttons. I was wearing 4mm neoprene gloves (45 degree water) and was still easily able to run the system. In the video of me surfing I unstrap the armband from my arm part way through the video and strap it in the palm of my hand which was also a nice way to run it. The transmitter/armband also floats which is a huge plus. Here's a couple videos of it in action....

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