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I need help finding something.


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Can anyone tell me where I can find this? I can't load the picture so I'll try and describe it. It's a small plate that screws to the boat. It has a ballast switch a fuse and a quick connect for the hose. Any help would be great.

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lol, that was a setup right, you made some obscure description then get a link to the exact (until now, unknown) product you were looking for, to drive visitors to your site??

edit: ok, i take it back, i see now they are quite popular.

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sorry for the dumb question but how does this work?

From what I saw it is a reversible pump that is controlled/goes to a face plate you can mount anywhere in your boat. It has a switch and a quick Fly High connect fitting on it that you can hook a hose to and then hook it to a Fly High bag. Works much like a whole house vacuum cleaner except it'll push/pull water. I think there's a video on the site showing you the operation.

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That's not too dissimilar to what I decided to go with for my 5th "place anywhere" sac. I split the Johnson pump for my front under-seat sac with a Sealect Y-valve and ran some hose from the valve under the observer's seat to a female PVC fitting just inside a hole I drilled in my walkthru.


(picture is from before I put in the fitting...it looks a lot cleaner now without being able to see the fiberglass)

From there, all I have to do is screw in a quick connect (technically, I could leave in the quick connect, but I'd rather not trip on it), attach the hose that came with my elevate pump (when I was still throwing pumps over the side), and flip the fill switch on the dash. Super handy to put weight wherever you want it wakeboarding and for switching from regular to goofy surfing. And I never even thought about using it as a wash down or bilge hose like the website suggested! My new goal for the summer: pretend the fitting on the end of the hose is broken and have a friend take a look at it, flipping the switch right when he's looking down it. Good times.

Regarding the actual product, I'm not sure how much I'd trust those "twist in" Fly High quick connects given the tendency for the hose to come off. A lot of water can get in the boat in the 3 seconds it takes to hurridly get to the switch.

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