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Stern light


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So I have a stick light in the rear of my boat for my stern light and it sucks. Anyone move theirs to the tower? Howd you go about doing it?

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Yes, which is actually a legal obligation as most laws state that the light must be above all other structures. I bought a light from Monster Towers, but others make them as well. I ran a wire from the existing socket on the stern up the tower. I have also seem battery operated lights sold at West Marine and various internet retailers. Do a google search and you will find many.

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Mine came on the tower ;) Not sure there would be a way to retrofit the light on the G3 to another tower but it is pretty clean looking.

And what is with all these Waconia people? :biggrin:

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Mine came on the tower ;) Not sure there would be a way to retrofit the light on the G3 to another tower but it is pretty clean looking.

And what is with all these Waconia people? :biggrin:

There is always a way!! :biggrin: I assume you have an Illusion tower. You can just pull the new wire through the tower by using the existing speaker wire as your guide. IE: detach wire from speakers and attach a random wire to the end in order to pull it all back through. Or you can try using a fish tape (wire).

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There are several threads on this kind of mod. Star One Wake & Monster both have lights that you can permanently mount on the tower.

This is one I made from a removable stern light like for a fishing boat (available at any boat / marine shop) & mounted it on a short section of black sewer pipe. The inside of the pipe is lined with neoprene so it's a snug fit on the tow knob.



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I guess you did some fabrication it says for Titan towers. Could you give me a little info on the wiring etc.. I don't want any exposed wires or anything.

The only thing I had to do to the light was enlarge the hole on the base to fit the bolt that holds on the tow ball. Now wiring is a different issue. It was a PITA! The mid section where the ball is mounted is solid so I had to drill about six inches down to run the wire. Then drill again about 2 in from where the hoop meets the tower and fish it out there. Ran the wire around that part and into one of the stock holes and down the tower to the stern light socket. I would take more pics, but the boat has been sold. I put some snake skin (wire loom) on the exposed parts and no one ever noticed it was there. The only other way I could see this working with out wire showing would be to have it welded to the front arch and then have your bimini modified so the light will poke through.

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Here are a couple more pics of mine. I'm sure this would work on an Illusion. Here is the light I used. I wanted a permanent one so we could still use tow point.



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Where did you find a battery operated light? That seems like a super easy solution.

They are made for fishing boats & available at most any boat or marine shop. Heres one on Amazon.

Mine is old enough that it has incandescent lights in it. The batteries still last a season or more. The newer models have LEDs in them & I'm sure the batteries last for a loooong time.

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