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2014 A22 Subwoofer location/enclosure


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Our spray date on the A22 is at the end of April and I have a few questions regarding the Sub (sound pack 3). I had the wetsounds 3-some package on my 2000 VLX (2-pro 60's and 1- pro 485's), so I understand the quality and clarity of the tower speakers but I have a few questions regarding the sub.

The sub that comes with soound pack 3 is a wetsounds XS-12. Evereywhere that I read about this sub says that it is a good choice....given it is put in the right enclosure. That leads me to my question. Should I go ported or sealed with this sub, and am I going to have enough room for either with the heater and steering cables under the dash? It is really hard to get started on my enclosure project without the boat, so I figured I would reach out to the crew for some information. I would like to have all my ducks in a row so the minute I take delivery of the boat in the first of May I can get this project knocked out and get on the water. Thanks in advance.

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I believe that sub is decent in a sealed or ported box. If you go ported it's spec'd with a 1.7 cu ft internal volume. That's tuned to 41hz. I can tell you that the only way you will get a 1.7 cu ft box is to have it stick a few inches out of the helm enclosure. I just built a 1.56 cu ft sealed box and it barely fit. That's without the heater mounted behind it. My heater is mounted under the chillax seat behind the arrow bag.

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Shouldn't be any reason it wouldn't fit with a little design patience. Our stock A22 has an XS-12 mounted in a sealed box behind the kick panel. 1.5 cu ft, we did move the heater up an inch I think to provide an easier fit without hoses rubbing, etc.




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There is more room in the T22, as it uses a flat carpeted kick panel instead of the recessed molded abs panel.

See this thread -


pics :



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The Axis does not come with a sub enclosure, it's just somewhat enclosed by the huge area behind the kick panel, so it's a free-air sub. If you want tighter sound, you'll need to add an enclosure. Many people buy an automotive enclosure online of dimensions that would fit, then rip off the carpet wrap and apply a waterproof paint or sealant. But personally I think you have to alter the box so much to fit the space it doesn't make sense, so we build our own custom to fit the space.


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If you are building an enclosure the face of the enclosure becomes the backing panel for the abs kick panel, so they get fastened together and therefore becomes very rigid.


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I wish I had a pic of mine available. I have the T22 prepped from the factory with the sub enclosure but without any stereo equipment. The enclosure is made with that starlite material. Grooves cut into one side so it could be rolled into a cylindrical shaped enclosure and then mounted to the kickplate. I sketched this up for a friend of mine so maybe it would help here. post-5559-13973982732577_thumb.jpg

As mentioned above tho, this is for the t22 only, a22 just has the molded plastic panel that closes off a large area under the helm (aka enclosure).

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Are there any companies making the enclosure or is my only option DIY?

I'm gonna see how my setup sounds with the factory enclosure but more than likely I do a DIY enclosure for next summer (too many projects this year). I'd be curious to see what you come up with for yours...

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