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Help with Amplifer


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I have 4 Fosgate speakers in the boat, running from the JBL 3.45 black box, 4 Fosgate speakers on the tower running from a Puch 400.4 amplifier connected to the RCA outs on the Blackbox and a Punch 200.2 running a sub connected to the rca sub out on the head unit.

My question is I would like to add 4 more speakers, 2 bow and 2 walkway and a 400.4 amp. How do I connect the amp as I have no more RCA out from the blackbox?

Also I was thinking of running the new speaks from the Blackbox and the current boat speakers from the amp as I don't think I need the volume in the bow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am keen also to know how Malibu wire it with these speakers.

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The amps should have a pass through or signal out set of RCA's. You would then just go from one 400.4 output to the other 400.4 input. It may be nice to add a PAC LC-1 to separately control your tower volume, but not necessary to make it work.

If you end up adding another 400.4, it will power all 8 cabin speakers just fine at a 2 ohm load. Just wire two speakers parallel on each channel of the amp. So left rear and left dash together, left walkway and left bow together. Right rear and right bow together, right walkway and right bow together. Separate your rear channels to the rearmost and dash speakers to the rear amp channels and your front amp channels to the walkway and bow speakers. This is how the factory does it. You will be better off running them this way as you will get more clean power to your speakers vs. running off deck power.

On a side note, bow speakers add almost nothing to the overall sound in the cabin and are really just there for the people who ride up there.......and they usually head up front to get AWAY from the noise.

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Thought so too, but never owned one of the JBL units, so I wasn't 100 percent on that. That way would definitely be the best way to hook it up if so.

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