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Rope's and Handle's


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Alright, I am looking for a rope and handle. It seems like there is an overwhelming amount of different styles of rope's and handle's. I am no pro, and I just want something that will last and will be comfortable. What are some of the crews favorites, and why?

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Proline LGS, hexagon stitch, with Vapour mainline.

Why, .......because I've had numerous handles that I paid a lot for and they fell apart, this is what I have now and I'm happy with it.

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I just got a ronix one airbag handle with interchangeable grips. Haven't used it yet but it sure feels nice when I'm sitting in the boat making vroom vroom sounds. I had a carbon fiber pro line handle before that that I really liked but it was caught in the shock under the fold up transom walkover and snapped. As far as lines go, I don't care for the plastic coated type. Not sure if they're any better or not as I am an intermediate rider but I don't like how they coil in the boat. I prefer the cloth feel on my ropes.

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Radar ExtEnd AntiRoll Handle is what I've been using since last year. Hand doesn't get caught up in the outside and you could get a 1.10 grip (I'd go even bigger if they had a larger option). Replaceable handle is nice so it is only $20 or so when the grip wears out.

For rope, this year a strada knotless mainline - no reason other than they were super cheap on sale ;)

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Go with a flat rope that has ext up to 85ft, that way you have plenty of rope to go longer when needed, and it won't knot as easily.

I have the one handle that is interchangeable, I like it a lot. This will be the third season with it. I'm actually surprised it's lasted, in my exp ronix makes very cool fragile equipment. Most don't last long.

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I really like the plastic coated mainlines. So much nicer to have running through your fingers when the handle is being returned to you. I also like when you have tons of sections to make the rope as short as 50' up to 90'. That way if you have kids wakeboarding you can slow down and shorten them up. It makes those first wake to wakes much easier, or some semi pro that runs 28mph 90' Randal Harris style. I think the handle itself is a total preference thing. Shape, size, width, etc.

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I'm using the Humanoid Pull/Lenok Combo with the oversized grip. Probably one of the best combos I've used. The interchangable grip is nice for kids and females with smaller hands.

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