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gemlux cleats?


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They look different to me. They require 4 holes to install, they use plastic in the base to give a smooth/damped action, and they are supposedly sealed (no water drains into the hull). They are also at least 10$ cheaper than attwood's.

As long as they hold up they look like a bargain to me.

Any users out there?

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They look different to me. They require 4 holes to install...

Which is precisely why I wouldn't buy them, double the holes to drill into your boat. I'll gladly $10 more just to avoid that. The "sealed" design might not be as good a long-term design as one that drains itself. Just my 2 cents...


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I ended up going with the Attwood. It is a little scary drilling holes in your boat! But all went well. They look and work great! go2marine.com had the best shipped price.


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Here are the pictures. It really did happen :)

First I measured a couple times and marked out where I wanted the cleats on some painters tape:

14032261857_c08342a520_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

Next I drilled the holes with one of these: http://www.lowes.com/pd_300707-70-PC200L_0__?productId=3031568&Ntt=1%22+hole+saw&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3D1%2522%2Bhole%2Bsaw&facetInfo=

14216463362_3c059268d8_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

I started drilling backward then after I made it through the clear coat I drilled forward. But I honestly don't think it matters for this type of hole saw.

I tell you what I do NOT like drilling holes in a boat :)

14032264587_170c3e122a_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

Next up I chamfered the holes:

14032194278_a4809fea1b_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

I used a backer of cheap 1/2 ply. That was probably a mistake. Especially with how hard it is to remove my sportster's back seat!!!!

I also used some life seal silicon on the bottom of the cleat bases (recommended by instructions).

Anyway some pictures of the installed cleats:

Two on the back:

14216466732_b05f5d486d_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

And two within reach from the helm and spotter's seat:

14239026383_c3c0bcf2e8_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

14215556111_a3456c48d3_s.jpgUntitled by eyekode, on Flickr

Thanks for the advice!


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