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can Ballast System Be added to Sunscape LSV Easily


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Hey guys, as the title suggests i am wondering what sort of job is involved in adding a plumbed in ballast system to a sunscape lsv? im after a 05 model wakesetter but cant seem to find any in my price range, im led to believe the sunscape is the same boat just with a diamond hull. whats everyones thoughts?

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I got our boat a few years ago. Wish I would've held out for a wakesetter.

I added two Johnson reversible pumps to 750 bags in the rear lockers last year. For me the wiring the pumps to the dash was the hardest part. I used the existing ACC switches, that were empty. Looks stock. I was thinking about doing the ski locker but I will probably get a different boat in the next year so don't want to expel the energy.

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Correct, same boat just with diamond hull. May not have perfect pass, factory ballast, Wedge, or Tower. All Options on Sunscape. Search this forum for multiple DIY post on plumbing in ballasts. Lots of tricks, tips, and pics. It's a nice weekend project, but worth it in the end. Be sure to post pics of your project as you go. We love to see before during and after pics!!!! Good Luck...

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In my 2001 Malibu Sunscape LSV, I added 600lbs to both rear lockers and the ski locker. I put 2 pumps (fill and drain) at both locations front and rear, and wired them into the ACC switches, front on one side and rear on other side of steering wheel. I ended up adding shutoffs to the fill tubes on both sides in the rear for surfing. I felt like the hardest thing was to get over drilling into the boat under the water line

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It's not that hard and in the end, with that vintage of boat, you would be adding ballast to a Wakesetter as well. The Sunscape could also have ballast if it was optioned that way.

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I have two #750's in the rear lockers, a tube sac under the port side seat, and I throw a #500 lb v drive sac in the bow of my 21LSV. I am using the throw over the side airator pumps for now. It didnt cost a ton and there was zero install. I'd try that first and figure out where you want the weight. Dial it in perfectly then plumb them in.

I disagree with the previous post about holding out for a Wakesetter. If you're like me, get a Sunscape and build it exactly the way you want it. If you get this vintage Wakesetter it may have a Skylon tower. Not that it would be bad, but I prefer the strength of a Star one Wake. Im also adding Perfect pass stargazer to mine, the stock PP on these boats would have been paddle wheel. And like Nbird said, you'll be plumbing in ballast in a WS of this era as well.

This is my own opinion but the Sunscape's I looked at seemed like they were cared for a little better than the WS's of that era. I maybe totally off, but I feel like the Wakesetters might have been owned by a slightly less picky owners.

Anyway, Sunscape's are cool. :rockon:

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