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OB4 Slalom Bindings


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Anyone seen these yet? They look very interesting. I've never had a bad enough fall to be able to relate to some of the horror stories I've seen and heard (torn Achilles tendon, spiral fractures, etc.). Looks like these are designed to release to minimize such occurrences. Interesting videos on them.


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I think these guys are onto something. Expensive, yes, but much less expensive that surgery and lack of time on the ski.

I'm not yet a hard shell guy. I'm having a hard time giving up my HO Animals. A big part of the reason is all the injuries. I'm not into hurting myself any longer. 10 years ago, 15 years ago, sure. Now....not so much.

But, with all of that, I like my feed to be locked in when I ski. I feel less than comfortable with and RTP, and while expensive, this product is very interesting to me.

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Interesting concept. Inline with other high end systems such as Goode Powershells and Reflex. I would be suspicious of the fact that each boot releases seperately, which can be really bad!! For $1000, I would rather have Goode's or Reflex. I just switched to HO Exo Pro's. I have been on HO Approaches for about 10 years, and I broke my ankle and had a lot of nerve and tendion damage as well from a bad OTF in 2012. The Exo's are comfortable and cheaper than the other systems. If money were no object however, I would have Reflex. I could have bought many pairs of them for what it cost to repair my ankle/foot.

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Yeah the individual release would make me nervous. Although, I guess it would be similar to my current setup with a front strada and rtp lol, still curious to see how in going to like that after a good few weeks of strong skiing. I would much rather have them come out as one unit like the ho exo boots. I tried those when they first came out and they were pretty comfy and felt like really good movement transfer to the ski too. It was a short set though. Never tried reflex or power shells though.

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I think the idea of the individual release is that by the time you trigger both to release on the other setups you've stressed one foot far beyond they other (depending on the crash)

It'd be nice if the release of one triggered the other though so you can't end up one foot in. I've never used hardshells myself either, I still like my highwraps.

Also the bindings pictured are using a Liquid Force lace clamp :whistle:

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Hard boots scare me, mostly because of all the stuff that to a downhill skier looks like a kludge release system.


Old back country ski bindings that haven't been approved for use on snow skis for a bazillion years?

A single boot release sounds even worse.

I'll stick with my Sidewinders and ARTP's, so far they stay on when they need to and come off when I fall.

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I think the idea of the individual release is that by the time you trigger both to release on the other setups you've stressed one foot far beyond they other (depending on the crash)

I'm sure that is the theory, but as a guy who rides a monoski - sometimes that second binding just doesn't release :cry:

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