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2004 VLX wave help needed


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Looking to build a better wave on my 2004 VLX Wakesetter. I have 750# sacs in rear lockers, stock center ballast and NO wedge. Can I create a nice wave without the wedge or do I need to start there. I have a rideable wave now with the help of a 400# sac on the surf side, but is has a short pocket and lacks push. Thanks in advance for any recipe or advice!

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You definitely need some bow weight. 300-500 minimum, more is better. Try putting a couple people up front surf side and you will see how it helps. This will lengthen your pocket.

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I am still trying to figure my wave out. But I run 750 rear, 600 center & 400 or so in the bow, wedge down. Wave is huge but the pocket is still small & close to the rear. Hope to get dialed in better this year but for the life of me I can't the wave further behind the boat

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I am running 750 port rear, about 300 under port seats, full MLS, ~300 in bow sac under seats and usually another 400 in the bow surf side, unless we have a bigger crew, plus wedge. Wave is great. I go .3-.6 mph faster than my buddies because I like a longer wave.

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My experience with the same boat but with factory ballast / wedge: With just a few people in the boat the wedge down results in a taller but shorter surfable wake. This is with center and rear port side tanks full. Starboard tank approximately 1/2 full. If we have a boat load of friends, we leave the wedge up and put as many people on the port side as possible to list the boat to the point the rub rail is just a few inches above water. This results in a longer and cleaner wave than if the wedge were down. As Brodie mentioned, it is important to have significant weight in the bow area.

Full disclosure: I find surfing to be boring and way more trouble to set up for than it is worth on our boat. I am a slalom and barefoot guy who got pushed into a wake boat due to being outnumbered by a growing family. ;)

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We run fast. If I remember correctly something like 11.2-11.4. It gives a decent pocket. I would guess around 12 feet and still is pretty steep. I think our speed is why we have so little bow weight compared to everyone else.

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I find our wake has no push without the wedge. The wedge dirties up the wake but it is a HUGE difference in push. I can tell right away if I left the wedge up.

Last year, I ran:

750 port locker

~500 under port seats

~500 ski locker

~ 100-150 in the bow bag (only partly full)

~ 200 lead, if running my normal wife + me + 3 year old, located on the rear port seat.

Mine is not dialed in to its full potential, but I can surf play on the wave (ropeless of course) and it is tall enough. I would like a little more length but without making the wake any smaller.

I am hoping with an 1100 bag, I can run my bow bag full and put the lead into the port bow side pockets.

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With stock MLS, a 1100# ronix sack in the back and 800# ronix sac up front I hope to get a good surf wave, I just dont know what speed to ride at? It looks good from 10.5-11.5 but we dont have a board yet. Its coming in for the fourth of july so we will get to ride and test out the wave. But I have never set up a boat for surfing before. Will the 800 be too much up front with a crew of 7 ppl hanging out in the back?

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There is no replacement for displacement. Even with the gate I am still running 900-1000 in rear, wedge down, center full & 400-500 in bow. Wave is very nice now!

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You don't need all of that weight!! Check out the forum about the wickedwakesurf gate!! You won't be sorry!!

I did finally get out on my 2004 vlx. stock port and ski tanks full, starboard half full. 1100# port back corner, 800# port side bow. no wedge and 3 voice activated ballast sacs. riding 10.5 to 11.5 skim/surf respectively. Steep at 10.5 and semi close pocket, and big but long at 11.5, 11.7 mph is a huge, long wave but takes a fast board to ride that fast.

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