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Audio cord for Rockford Fosgate system/ possible Bluetooth options


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Novice question about the audio in my 2011 LSV:

I wanted to check with forum to see how everyone was hooking their iPods/iPhones to their Fosgate systems. I have the stock 30 pin cord that came with the boat. It works great but now everything is thunderbolt. Do they make a thunderbolt cord that will replace the 30 pin? I guess I could use the USB port but did not know if that would charge the device and still have good sound quality.

Also, any suggestions on plug and play Bluetooth adapters that produce good sound quality?

I greatly appreciate your feedback!

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USB port is only for thumb drive type devices. Won't work with your phone.

Just get one of these and connect it to your existing cable.


It's a lightning connector I assume. Not familiar with "thunderbolt".

This is a good, commonly used adaptor for Bluetooth operation.


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Not sure when Malibu switched to the RFX5000 black box, but Rockford makes a plug and play blue tooth dongle for that black box. Mine is supposed to be here this week! I understand I will have the ability to change songs using the hu control and the transom remote.

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They changed early last year. I ended up with one when it was changed out I under warranty. I bought the dongle and........... It's sounds like butt. It's all crackly in the high ranges. I was able to swap the dongle to a new boat at my dealer. Guess what? The dongle made the same noise in Bluetooth mode as in my boat. My guess is it is a problem with the dongle, but I'm not sure. Would be nice to hear from someone else who has tried it also.

I ordered another dongle just for testing purposes. Should be here next week, I'll just return it if it sucks too.

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I bought the Apple adapter with the pigtail for my Bose home radio and it didn't work. I figured it wouldn't work in the boat either. Am I hearing that it will?


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I don't have crackle with my Bt dongle and my rfx5000. I personally don't like Bluetooth for audio. Your phone is not truly meant to send audio to your system it's meant for headphones. I wouldn't put your phone higher than halfway on volume. I personally have a USB drive that is one terabyte with multiple playlists on it that I just plug-in to USB.

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Man, my cord got wet again!! This freaking glove box issue is killing me. Everytime a little rain comes it soaks my glove box, which in turn gets all my electronics wet?? I know the boat should be covered...but come on Malibu? Anyways, it soaked my cord and I am looking for options.

1) bluetooth

2) could I load a thumb drive with playlists and plug in usb....or is that just for Maliview

3) get another cord and somehow fix glove box issue

4) all of the above'

As alway, I appreciate your feedback



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