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Piping on upholstery

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I have a 2" section coming apart on the stitching beside the piping on my rear centre seat cushion, anyone know what options I have to repair this. An upholstery shop said $300 to which I replied "I can get a new skin for less"

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Stitching pulling out or is the material ripping? If the stitching is just pulling you might be able to remove the skin and run it through a sewing machine with the proper thread. Price at the upholstery shop will also be cheaper if you remove and replace the skin yourself.

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It's a common problem on Malibu's in general. It's because the seats are stretched so tight to give it that perfect look,when people step on them they blow out at the stitching when compressed. I had it happen to all three of my rear seats in my VTX.

Hate to tell ya, if you do the skins yourself you might get one done for under 300 in US dollars. 300 is about on par for what you will pay to have it replaced with a new skin. Those rear skins were about 200-250 each 3-4 years ago.

There is it really much you can do to prevent it from ripping any further accept take it out of the boat and leave it in your garage. Anytime anyone steps on it or sits on it, it will get worse. My new boat blew out both rear seats the same way at 70 hrs. It really is a problem Malibu has failed to address for several years.

To even attempt to repair it you have to pull the skin off the cushion.....at that point you may as well replace it.

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yeah I think you are right, the seam glue would probably make a mess and fail any way. I could take the skin off and try to stretch some good vinyl closer to the piping and sew it but a shop would have all the stuff they need to do it, and I don't. it might be cheaper to buy a sewing machine and learn how to upholster than repeatedly repair the seems at ridiculous prices. I've already replaced the starboard sun pad, and both corners under warranty, and now this. :cry:

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Just a little info. Malibu used to only offer skin replacements for boats 7 years and newer. Your gonna be close, but seeing how the VTX hasn't changed much interior wise, you may be ok. Only issue would be if those vinyl colors are no longer available.

Seeing how they are having issues figuring out which "white" my current dash has on it..... It doesn't look hopefull.

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That is not good, really bad in the fact. I must say that I'm pretty disappointed in the fact that the upholstery has failed prematurely. I also don't like that the upholstery has failed on such an expensive boat, in five short seasons with 347 hours on the clock, while being very anal and careful, and having only permitted bare feet in the boat. In addition to that, it has always been stored in a heated garage. I love my boat and the styling and layout are great, but the upholstery issues should have been remedied years ago. Do MC's have their seams all coming apart, if not, why not?

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That is really high for that repair. I had smaller seats done here, where I dropped off the seats, they dis-assembled, stretched them a little & re-assembled for $80/cushion. The charged the same for all three rears & the very front seat.

It's been 2 years since the repair & they're still holding well.

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You got a good deal then. Let's just set general labor at let's say 80 bucks an hour at the average shop, that's on the EXTREME low side around here.

I have done several skin removal and replacements myself. It's not super complicated, but it's definitely labor intensive. I would not do one for an hour labor, pulling staples, stretching, re stapling and applying the seam cover. And that's all they charged you just to make the repair also? That's definitely out of the realm of normal around here. Most shops will charge an hour labor per seat just to remove and install one skin.......if it's an easy one. That doesn't include repairing an existing cover. I also know all 5 I have had rip out, they were not repairable because the vinyl actually shredded out at the piping seam.

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Hi guys,

Not sure I'm hijacking the thread, but I need to buy Vinyl!!! any idea where I can get the same we have in our wakesetters? at a reasonable price? since I'm far away, I will try to find someone to replace it over here...Thank you in advance, G

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