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RLXi Vapor lock kit installation

Ski & Foot 4 Fun

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The details: 2006 RLXI, 340 monsoon, live in NM at high altitude, crummy gas, tired of putting rag on fuel filter, Bakes had kit on sale last fall. Started to scope the work today. Without checking the size of the pump last fall, I figured "no problem", put the pump where the fuel filter is and then cut the fuel line up a bit and put fuel filter in. The instructions state to install as follows: tank, new pump, in-line fuel filter, and high pressure pump. There is no room anywhere I can find in the bilge area because of the exhaust. If I go closer to the engine not much room to get pump and filter in line before HP pump. Has anyone installed the vapor lock kit on a RLXi? If so, where did you put the pump? Do I have to go all the way back to the output of the tank? Any help will be appreciated. I will check with Bakes tomorrow as well. Thanks

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Paul at Bakes didn't have any experience with installation of the kit. I contacted Larry at Indmar. He used to be one of the guys that replied or called you if you requested info. A really nice guy. He said I could extend the wires to go to the back of the boat or buy a bracket that uses the same holes as the high pressure pump and it holds the low pressure pump. He said that is what is used on production models. I would be interested in anyone with a DD 2013 or 2014 has looked to see if there are two fuel pumps. He also said I could install it his way: tank, filter, low pres pump, high pres pump. This will make it much easier. I got the bracket and mounted it and am planning on putting the pump and hoses on this weekend and start her up. He sent me instructions on how to clean the low pres pump in case it gets stuck and really encouraged me to use blue sta-bil in every tank. I lwill et you all know how it goes, probably won't get to lake this weekend and won't know much until it warms up a bit. Still cold here in NM.

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Thanks for the follow up. I'm interested in hearing how it works for you, and in some pictures if it fixes the vapor lock problem. Good luck!

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Please keep us posted. My new to me '06 RLXI had a similar issue, according to the PO. He ordered a new fuel pump, and was sent 2 of them so I now have 2 high pressure fuel pumps.

Again, please keep this updated, and include pics as suggested by buckhorn.

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I installed the pump and plumbed it up. Wiring worked fine, a bit long for this application but ty-wraps take care of that. The boat started on a hose, haven't been to lake yet. Depending on where your fuel filter is, the new length of fuel hose may vary. I bought 4' and it was enough to run from output of fuel filter to input of low pressure pump, and from the output of low pressure to input of high pressure. I saved original fuel hose. It was a very tight space, would have been easier to take off exhaust hose but it seemed to be a really tight fit and didn't know if I could get it off. It is hard to see but the bracket that holds the low pressure pump attaches to the block with the same holes as high pressure pump. The bolts are long enough.

Problems I had:

I couldn't get the strap that holds the fuel line to the bulkhead out, but I was able to loosen it a bit and pull old hose out and feed new hose through.

I put the new bracket for low pressure pump between block and high pressure pump bracket. This moved the high pressure pump so I had to loosen the steel fuel line out of high pressure to align it correctly. I can't remember if low pressure bracket would fit outside of high pressure bracket, if so this wouldn't have been a problem.

Spring here in NM has been nothing but wind so far. I will update you all when I get some run time on it. I can't see why this won't work. I am going to post a question for new DD owners and see if new boats come with 2 pumps.


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I have been out a few times with the new fuel pump. No issues with install or wiring. There have been at least 2 days, hot, no wind, running the boat hard and then stopping for a while where I normally would have had starting problems. I did not have any problems starting. I did not run the blower, open the engine cover or remove the drink holder in the back of the engine cover, I purposely tried to make it not start. I did not have any problems starting. I am convinced the extra pump fixed my problem. For me it was worth the $190 (got it on sale during the fall sale at Bakes) to not have to throw a wet rag on the pump to get the boat to start, I know other folks think differently and that is fine. I just wanted to follow up and let you know it worked for me. Happy boating everyone.

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I had an 06 LXI and the vapor lock issue was a real Pain. Never got any resolution or assistance from Malibu other than keep the engine cover up when stopped! I would have invested in one of these kits if I had kept the boat any longer. Glad it fixed your problem.

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I am interested in the symptoms you had when the boat would vapor lock. From what I read above, I am having the same problem. Malibu mechanic said he does not ever see vapor lock. Can you please let me know what would happen and how you diagnosed it?

I have a 2001 Sportster with 95h on it. It always ran fine in MN, but brought it down to Austin TX and the thing will not start after mooring for a while on hot days. It also had a hard time starting one time at the landing, prior to running it hard. It goes from an enjoyable day with the family to a bad one when you are looking at a 10 mile tow back to the landing and you cannot figure out why it will not start. I could get home by spraying starting fluid in the carb, and ultimately the fuel would get there and it would run fine. Never tired the cold rag thing on the water separator.

The dealer thought it was not a vapor lock issue because it is an MPI (multi port injection) engine. They attributed it to water in the tank (fuel vent got submerged + ethanol gas). Brought it in for a tank test and it never happened. I have not really done anything except change the distributor, rotor, cables and plugs. So far it has not been 100 degrees here, so I have not had the problem this season, but it makes me nervous.

It sounds like the problem is completely eliminated?

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begeland: The wet rag goes on the high pressure fuel pump. I am not sure if you have the same setup with a carburator. The symptoms I had were always the same, a very calm day, it wouldn't even have to be a really hot day, I was footing or skiing hard for some period of time and then stop and sit with the engine off for some period of time. The off time would vary but usually more than 10 mintues. My theory of the problem, the high pressure pump is mounted directly to the block. When running the thermostat keeps the engine at 160 deg. When you shut it off that is not the case, the engine heats up, the hp pump heats up, as well as the stainless tubing from HP pump to the fuel rail. I had many people tell me vapor lock was impossible with a fuel injected engine. After I read various forums here, and a cold rag or sponge on the HP pump for a minute or less worked everytime, I was convinced. I operate the boat in the worse case, I have to use ethanol fuel, and operate the boat at over 6000'. The kit is made by Indmar, so, in my mind, they were aware of the design flaw. I have only run it about 5 times since adding the kit, with no problems. A couple other folks have put it in and had it work for many years. I was able to talk with a tech rep at Indmar who was very helpful, since it is their engine not Malibu's. I don't think they encourage direct customer to factory support anymore but I would call the factory and ask for tech support. Good luck

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