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Dual Battery Switch 2012 MXZ

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Hello again,

Another really dumb question only due to my previous Crownline boat question and I want to ensure that I am doing things right:

My boat has the dual batteries with the switch toggling between 1, 2, and 1 and 2 (and of course off).

In my Crownline, I was told to run the boat on 1, park the boat on 2 and only use the 1 and 2 position together in the case of batteries seeming to not start right off. I remember the dealer saying that the boat running would keep them both charged regardless of which the selected was positioned to.

When the dealership delivered my MXZ, they told me to always use 1 and 2 together and that the batteries wouldn't charge unless they were switched to 1 and 2 (together).

Does anybody have firm knowledge on this? PS - boat has been at the lake and haven't been up there to get the user manual.....


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I believe that what ever your switch is on that's what's charging. I start on "all", then I travel to wherever, when I stop, I put it on "2" which is my deep cycle battery, I listen to the tunes for a couple of hours, then put it back to all and start the engine. If I am going to leave the boat to go for lunch or the end of the day, I turn the switch to "off" . That way, if something was left on, it won't kill my batteries. that has to be one of the worst feelings ever, youre way away from the launch, no one around, getting dark, and you go to start the boat and nothing, not even a click. thats when a jump pack can save you. :salute:

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Thanks for the info - I am hoping to run true power to the dock this summer. Right now I have 200 foot of Yellow-jacket cables ran down there but don't know that I trust it to run a maintainer, or charger yet....

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I was told to run on 1 the first half of the day and switch to 2 for the remainder, ie after lunch. This way both batteries got equal use - charge and discharge. The same could be applied by day, use 1 one day and 2 the other. Using 1&2 when a battery dies and you need one to crank and run the engine and the other to recieve a charge.

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