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Adjusting Wake Shape


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Hey Crew -

New member here. Just bought a 'new to me' Bu last month. Got a 2005 Wakesetter 23 LSV w/ 250hrs. Its all stock with MLS and perfect pass. I love the boat!!

I have a question about changing the shape of the wake a little bit. I spent a lot of time behind a friends SAN 210 Team Edition and among other things, I really enjoyed the pop I could get off the top of the wake.

I found in my LSV, with all ballasts filled, wedge down, and an additional 600lbs. sac filled and placed mid-ship at about 22.7mph and 70' off, I can get a great 'rampy' wake, but I'm having a hard time really getting shot up in the air from it. It kinda shoots me across vs. up.

Is there something I can do to help get that additional pop off the top of the wake that I find comes so easily behind the SAN 210? I'm guessing its due to the hull of the boat and there is nothing I can do, but thought to ask and see what peoples experiences have yielded. Maybe someone has plumbed an additional 400lb. sac on top of both rear hard tanks and seen good results? Maybe someone has a trick in how they ride their board to experience better 'pop' at the top of the wake?

Just finding its a wide wake and I can't quite get up as high as I'd like without really working hard vs. the easy pop up behind the SAN.

Thanks for any help & insight.

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Thanks Levi -

Ok that sounds like a fun experiment...but isn't there a weight ratio to maintain in the boat? Like 60/40 or something? If I put that much in the back, is the boat able to get up on plane and move around properly? Have you done it?

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I would guess you'll need to move that #600 up into the bow instead of running it mid ship.

Where are you located? Maybe someone has a set of 750's that you can play with.

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Cool!! I'm in Katy, TX. 77493. I think I have some I can experiment with nearby. I'll give it a go. not sure how I'll fit 750lbs. of sac in that rear locker... !?

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I'm in Lakes of Katy, so right out my back door. We have the four lakes North of I-10 of Morton and Pitts. How bout you?

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No none here...there may be some available in the next year or so. PM me and we can exchange info...maybe go for a ride.

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