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Aftermarket Lift Canopy


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I got one out of South Bend for my SS that was half price after last summer's storm that ripped my original one to shreds ... let me look for the bill of sale.

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Im thinking about pulling the trigger on a new lift. Someone talk me off the ledge quick. My lift is an old jalopy and I need a canopy anyway. Whats another 6K right???


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I custom ordered my 2003 Bu fully loaded, a boat lift and fully loaded diesel F-350 4wd. Picked up the truck on a Saturday, boat on Sunday and the following weekend the lift ... dropped some serious cash.

So I'm the wrong person to talk you out of a new lift :)

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I bought a cover tuff for mine. It's been fine and was less than what you posted. It was 4 years ago, though. Not sure if it would be the same now. That was for a 24' long canopy.

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So I think I'm going to order a canopy for my current lift. I don't have easy access to my lift frame to take more measurements. I need a sanity check on my logic here. I always thought I had a 22' canopy. I knew I really needed a 24' as it seemed a little short. Well when I put it away last year I ran a tape on it and took some pictures. Now I'm starting to think I have a 20' canopy. Everything I read says you measure the overall length of the frame. In this picture you can see the "skirt" is being measured. I found a really good deal on a 20 footer on ebay and I want to pull the trigger. Think I should go for it? Or wait and try to get down to the lift to take another measurement? I just feel like it cant be 22 as the measurement I took last year was 21'


NM, just pulled the trigger. It was too cheap to miss. If it doesn't fit I'll just re-sell it.

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I have a 23' for my Echelon and wouldn't go any smaller. So if you in fact only have a 20' canopy, I'd consider a new lift. Or at least a new canopy & frame.

I know you already pulled the trigger, but just adding my 2 cents.

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On a shorestation, you measure along the side from one end to the other, so a 20' canopy is actually about 22' long in the center due to the bow on the ends. You don't measure the part of the vinyl that hangs down below the frame.

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Yeah, I talked to the guy on the phone and made sure we were measuring the same stuff. Thing is on its way. I am still considering a new lift but I figure I need a canopy to get top dollar for mine when I sell it. I want a new lift bad, but I might have to wait another year.

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