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SMD DD-1 and SMD CC-1


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I broke down and ordered these yesterday. I missed the mailman who apparently tried to deliver them today, so I got the notice I'm the mailbox. I'll be picking them up from Post Office tomorrow. I forgot Steve Meade Designs is here in Sacramento, thus the fast shipping.

Been messing with stereo settings, adding/subtracting components over the years, then replacing boat and starting all over again. I'm a little burnt out from all of the fiddling around and fine tuning.

I have 4 Rev10's with Arc600.2 amp, 8 RF 6.5 in-boats with Arc300.4, two Alpine 12's with JL HD1200/1. WS-420sq and Bluetooth Mobile Device Gateway. Also have HSE Revolution volume control.

I mostly listen using iphone with Bluetooth. But I did just get the AirEnabler so I can try WiFi out this year too.

Long story short, I have so many variables in my system, I wanted to take the easy route and use the SMD DD-1 to set all volumes/gains to max without distortion. I'm planning on going down the line from source to output and resetting everything. I never felt I was getting the most from my system. Hopefully it will make a big difference.

Also got the SMD CC-1 to match crossover setting for subs.

Anyone else try these devices yet? Seems to make everything a no brainier. I'll see if that's true tomorrow.

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Got mine a few days ago - just started playing with the DD-1. I need a little more time to play with it before form a full opinion, though my results thus far are not what I was expecting (IE, couldn't get my Alpine head unit to distort, even at 100% volume).

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On you tube, Steve Meade shows how to use it for the iPad/iphone using cable vs. Bluetooth. The iPads didn't distort either. I think I saw another one where he was using a standard head unit and it had no distortion either. As long as everything down the line has no distortion, it should be ok. I'll let everyone know my results as soon as I mess with it.

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Best purchase this year. I checked and adjusted all of my volumes/gains to the max possible settings without Distorting/Clipping. My source 99% of the time is my iPhone5 connected to the Mobile Device Gateway via Bluetooth. Then that signal goes from the Mobile Device Gateway Output to an ArcAudio line driver. The line driver feeds my HSE Revolution Volume Control. That feeds my WS-420SQ which then feeds my 3 amps. I have the Arc Audio 600.2 for my 4 Rev10's, ArcAudio 300.4 for my 8 in-boats, and the JL HD1200/1 for my 2 Alpine 12's. I just went down the line following the simple instructions using the test tones (I had to download them from the CD to my iPhone5). I was way off on most of my previous adjustments. After adjusting all the volumes and gain to the max where they had clean non distorted or clipped signal, All I can say is WOW. I just wish I could take it out on the water to crank it up......

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I wouldn't be against letting someone borrow it locally in Sacramento area. Yes, the new WS-420SQ has the gain adjustment hidden under the to cover. Probably so people don't mess with them. Didn't stop me though.

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