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Advice on my first malibu

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I am no expert but here is what I know: (Edited because I know nothing of older hulls)

Questions to ask the owner: http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/index.php?/page/articles.html/_/buying-a-used-boat-r11

These are all the questions I could ever think of for buying a used boat.

I have purchased an Aerial wakeboard tower before (their lowest price option) and it worked fine for the 6 years I had it (still do) but there are much better options out there now that other people can weigh in on. (Aerial makes multiple kinds of towers... Titan towers has changed their name (what you would typically see on Wakesetters of this age: http://www.staronewake.com/towers.html )

I have to weigh in on this...

I just purchased a 2001 Malibu VLX Wake-setter with most of the options desirable for wake-boarding for $21k. (wake hull / MLS / Tower / audio / heater / etc) (yeah, it is currently still listed on Boat Trader for some reason) so you should probably offer a bit less than he has listed. It looks like it is in good shape, but you need to offer less.

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there is almost no chance a 99 sunsetter VLX has the diamond hull. it would have been a special request 19.9k with no tower or PP seems pretty high to me. but i did steal my 99SSVLX and i do have 700 more hours than that shows. tower ... no budget constraints i'd go with the T3 if you can find one or the samson blade.

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I'm a little suspicious of only 186 hrs on this 1999????


Edit: buy chance did you see this one on TMC.


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It's a decent price. Maybe see if he'll knock it down $1-2k, but it'll sell quickly I'm guessing.

I bought my '99 VLX for $21k even, but it had PP, a Swoop tower, and board racks (no heater or shower though). It had even less hours than the boat in the ad, was in equally pristine condition (especially for a 15 year old boat), and also came with a tandem axle.

I'm OCD, so I check onlyinboards and boattrader periodically to see if I missed out on an even better deal and, in over a year, I haven't found a single 99-04 VLX that I thought was a "better" deal. The ones equally priced or cheaper had 600+ hours, and it usually showed.

Less than 20k for that hull in that great of shape is incredibly rare. It's a deal I'd jump on--even if the owner doesn't budge a little--even without a tower and PP.

Have a compression test done first with the engine having seen so few hours.

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Ask what's going on with the swim step though. It's been removed from the brackets. It's either just sitting loosely on top of something in between the step and the bracket (maybe he removed the brackets to sand it?), or he made a makeshift extension to raise the platform. If it's the latter, I'd worry about the owner's craftmanship and why he felt it necessary to raise it (i.e. maybe the few hours that are on it are heavily ballasted hours).

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For comparison, here is the only other boat with that hull and wrap around seating ('98 and after) for less than $23k that I could find with a quick onlyinboards/boattrader/craiglist search:


A pretty darn good deal in its own right with PP and a tower, but obviously in need of TLC and looks to have a snap on cover. Every other similar boat I found was over $23k (usually well over) and needed some TLC as well.

The more I think about it, $19.9k is a really good price. I'd say offer him $18k, then shake his hand when he meets you at 19.

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I can bet the boat came from Madras marine. Low hours is not that rare on boats from Central Oregon. I don't know why people buy boats in Bend and use them once or twice a year. But there are more boats that sit in storage and make it out once or twice a year. I know of 3 other VLX's that are 07-06 models that have less then 10 hours on them. Ask the owners why not sell them and they say oh we might go out sometime. There's a lot to do in Central Oregon and the summers are short but we still average close to a 100 hours a year.

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how many inches are these vlx's 2001+ from the back of the drivers seat to the front of the rear seatback?

And how many inches from coaming pad to coaming pad?

What about these VLX's for the $$?





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- SV23 wake hull

- Tons of tower options. Don't cheap out with some Aerial crap. Factory back then would have been the Skylon Tuna tower, but there are a lot better options now. My personal suggestion is the Samson Blade. You will get suggestions about the Star One tower as well (same as the Titan 2) - strong but I find them quite ugly.

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