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Help me find a new surf board


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I lurked around here years ago. Long story short, life got in the way and I haven't been out on my 05 23 LSV for a couple years. Many times, I thought about selling it but she was my first boat and I couldn't part ways. i have spent this winter getting her ready to go back in the water. Along with all the other projects, I decided to upgrade some gear.

I am looking on recommendations on a new surf board. I am 5'10 and around 190 lbs. I would like a versatile board that a wide range of people can ride since I will most likely only be buying one for right now. I am pretty new to surfing. Did some riding years ago on a CWB Ride.

I would ideally like to keep the budget around $500 but I could be convinced to go for more if its the right board.

FYI. I'm not really up on the differences between surf and skim. Thanks!

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I have the Ronix Cortex. I bought it because the dealer told me it would be the easiest for a bunch of different people to get up on. So far everybody has been able to do it, so I guess he was right.

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I am in the same situation, looking for the right board as well as one as a boat board. Everyone that I have asked recommended the Inland Surfer Blue Lake. I will keep up with this thread and see where they direct you. Good luck.

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This board my be a bit too beginner friendly and large for you, but if your main concern is your crew being able to ride with no rope I'd say the Hyperlite Idlewood is a safe bet. I've spun a few surface 3's on it. The Hyperlite Coex is another solid board, but geared for a more advanced rider because of its small size.

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If you're looking to share the board with "a wide range of people", a foam core board is out of the question. They are very weight specific. Plus, they're much more expensive and damage fairly easily. IMO don't even bother starting down that road.

Depending on your (and your crew's) skill level a Broadcast, Ride or Tsunami is exactly what you're looking for. Durable, good for beginners, less expensive and can be used by all different sized riders.

If you and the crew are true beginners I'd recommend the Broadcast or Ride. That said, while those boards are great for beginners, they will severely limit you as you progress. I don't know anyone that's kept theirs more than a summer or maybe 2 (unless they keep it on the boat for beginners). And you could easily do the same. But if you've wakesurfed a bit, or if you pick things up quickly, definitely go for the Tsunami. It's a little less stable for a guy your size, but you will never outgrow it. And while the size will be perfect for you, it will be plenty big enough to provide a stable learning platform for the kids/ladies. I've had mine 8 years now and still love it. And our entire crew learned on one.

Surf style: Most* foam core boards, larger fins, more stable feeling, larger than skim boards, more buoyant. In general, they're made for staying in the wave, taking turns, and eventually airs.

Skim style: Smaller in size, much less stable, less rocker (or bend to the board), smaller & fewer fins. In general, they're made for spins & surface tricks. Will be "harder" to catch & stay in the wave than a surf style. I would definitely not recommend a true skim style board to a beginner.

The Tsunami, broadcast and ride could all be called hybrids technically. But the broadcast & ride will be as close to a Surf style as a hybrid can be. IMO, the Tsunami is a true hybrid. Right in the middle of the spectrum. And you can tweak it one way or the other by the number of fins you choose to ride with. All 4 fins will make it really stable. 1 fin will make it a true skim style.

Hope this helps.

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I'm jumping in at about the same spot you are; all the previous advice is pretty consistent with what I found scouring the forums and reviews.

I learned last year on a friend's hyperlite landlock... it's huge, but really easy to learn for anyone. If I had more money and rack space, I'd keep one on the boat for first-timers. However, I outgrew that one in about a week and progressed to the 4-8 broadcast. It was way more fun and not that much harder to learn. I'm 5-10 140, for comparison.

This year I have my own boat and opted for the 5-4 landlock as a beginner - intermediate board since I think it'll allow people to get up easily due to it being big and stable, but should also let me progress as I advance in skill.

I also grabbed a CWB tsunami because I found this awesome deal: http://www.buywake.com/wakesurfers/cwb-2013-tsunami-57-.htm ($270 if you are a paying themalibucrew.com member). I got it today and I think it'll be a lot of fun. Going to rock a single fin on the back and plan on this one for learning surface tricks. The 2014 graphics are a million times better, but the 2013 is just too good of a deal!

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