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What engine do I have

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My 2006 iride according to the dealer I purchased it from in September has the monsoon 350 in it. However I'm realizing getting ready for the season I don't have a knock sensor which I know the LCR does not have.

I have attached a picture.post-23500-13960471180001_thumb.jpg

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That's what I was beginning to think. The paperwork i signed and says its a monsoon 350. If it is am LCR what do you think is fair I ask the dealer to do for me?

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If that's the only thing your dealer told you about that boat that was not true, I would consider yourself lucky!

But seriously, there is not a whole world of difference between the two engines, although there is some. Not sure what just compensation would be. Were you specifically looking for a Monsoon when you were shopping? Would it have been a deal breaker if you had known it was an LCR? Did you know the difference between the two then?

If you are happy with it, then that's what matters.

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I think RTS is right on. I passed on a boat with the LCR and in retrospect, I wish I would not have done so because it was a beautiful boat.

Like RTS says, if you're happy and she runs well and performs well, then you've got all you need.

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Well they had one with the 320 LCR and I wanted the extra HP and from what I understood slightly better fuel economy. The one I went with was slightly more money then the one that had the LCR and I don't remember exactly how much. I have no had no real issues with power really. A lot of it is principal and I did know the difference between the 2 just not visually.

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Well, about the only thing you could do would be to look at the MSRP of the Monsoon upgrade in 2006, then go from there.

BUT...considering it is a 8 year old boat, that delta would have depreciated out of the equation to a great extent by now. And in my opinion, the delta would have depreciated out such that the condition of the two boats you were looking at would carry far more consideration with respect to value than LCR/Monsoon.

Sucks that you may feel that your dealer was not honest with you, I know that feeling. I still remember the name of the salesperson that sold me my 'new' boat when it was actually a 25 hour demo model, and he is still in the industry in this town. When I go to buy a new boat, I will go to where he is currently working, let him give me his speil, then remind him that I told him many years ago I would never buy a boat from him again, and tell him I'm on my way to go buy a Malibu. Might even leave a Sperry on his desk so he knows who I am!

But the bottom line is that I enjoyed that boat for 10 years, and even though it was not exactly what he said it was, it served my purpose well.

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You should be able to find out exactly what motor you have by the serial number. Now saying that I can't

for the life of me remember where on the block the serial number is.....lol.....thinks it's by the ECM?

I'm quite sure someone else will chime in here.

I have to agree with RTS, he makes very good points.

Talk with the dealer by making him aware of the situation and see what kind of respones you get,

being reasonable goes a long way. IMHO.

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I noticed on my Sales receipt that the dealer wrote 350 Monsoon, But yet in reality it's the 330 hp LCR and to be honest I could not tell one bit of difference from my boat to my buddy's same set up and when I drive his loaded the same way feels and performs like my boat, So I would not worry about the performance, But I could see where that could turn off some potential buyers,

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Is your profile picture your boat? If so, looking at your picture it looks like your back tower legs are on backward and need to be flipped around...

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messed up the post. but this is my Iride with LCR and T3. Looks like you have LCR, and T3 backwards.

I would be upset if I was sold a monsoon and got an LCR. Granted, my LCR has been fine, but if you passed on a boat to get the Monsoon, then I think you deserve something. maybe a few hundred. I don't think at this point its worth any more than since condition is more important as others have stated

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My 2006 iride according to the dealer I purchased it from in September has the monsoon 350 in it. However I'm realizing getting ready for the season I don't have a knock sensor which I know the LCR does not have.

I have attached a picture.attachicon.gifuploadfromtaptalk1396047116187.jpg

On a 2006 I-Ride, the LCR is plenty of engine.

That year, the Monsoon was something like a $1500 upgrade, IIRC. They are both 350 cubic inch (5.7 liter) engines,

though, and neither one had 350 hp (the LCR had 320, the Monsoon had 340). So, calling it a "350" is an accurate,

albeit misleading, description.

The most obvious difference between the two was that plastic cover on the LCR with an "LCR" flame logo vs. an

aluminum cover on the Monsoon. The extra horsepower on the Monsoon comes from, I believe, a difference in the

exhaust manifolds.

Coincidentally, I bought my boat in 2006. I had seen pictures of the boat and a detailed description, indicating it had

the Monsoon engine (it even had "340 Monsoon" decals on the windshield), on the dealership's website, and we agreed

on what I considered to be a very fair price. I showed up with check in hand only to find that my boat had the LCR

(one brief glance at the engine made that apparent). The salesman apologized profusely, said on his inventory sheet

that it said "Monsoon," said that the decals were applied by the factory, said that he had no idea until that morning that

it didn't have the Monsoon. BS. I walked.

He called back a day later and dropped the price. I can't remember exactly the discount (the dealer's cost for the upgrade

was only about $500, again IIRC, and I think we split the difference, so probably $1000). He convinced me that, on the

water, I'd never be able to tell the difference. I bought the boat and walked away happy.

Still happy, eight seasons later.

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Definitely worth bringing to the dealers attention in my opinion. I do not know the difference between the two motors by looking at them, but if anyone should know, it would be the dealer. Also agree not to go crazy on the guy, just point it out and ask what he can offer to make things right. Have to be a little careful especially if you plan on going back for service in the future. Some guys hold a grudge forever, and if you will be dependent on this guy for service, be smart.

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The '06 Monsoon vs LCR is a 20HP difference (320HP vs 340HP). Put on a dyno, it is probably less than that. From a performance standpoint you probably aren't missing out on much.

Unless you have something documented from the dealer stating you were purchasing a boat with the Indmar Monsoon, I wouldn't even bother bringing it up to the dealer.

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Unless you have something documented from the dealer stating you were purchasing a boat with the Indmar Monsoon, I wouldn't even bother bringing it up to the dealer.

I have the signed purchase agreement that has the engine listed on there as a 350 monsoon.

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Believe it or not, there are quite a few older Bu's out there that have had engine swaps over the years. I bought an '04 that had the Hammerhead 383 in it. So I thought. After closer look I found a date sticker from 2006 on the engine. I called Indmar and Malibu. It had the motor replaced twice under warranty. The second time they put the Monsoon in instead another Hammerhead due to issues with them. I wound up making $12k profit on that boat so I didn't care.

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I confirmed with the service department that it was indeed an LCR 320. So i spoke to the owner and without hesitation he offered me a $500 credit for services there. So this issues has been resolved.

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