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Brigade wakesurf boards?


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A friend of ours just ordered the bomber 21 and said it is one of the best boards he has ridden. I have not been on it yet, but thinking about getting one if it's as good as he says.

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I'm sure you saw me rave about them already......

My wife and I are heading down to Miami on April 8th to get some coaching from a pro for a week. My new ZULU will be there waiting. I'll let you know how it goes. I have 3 or 4 different fin set ups so we will see what happens.

What level rider are you and what weight? I'm 165lbs and intermediate at best. When I rode the Brigades and a Walker Project down in San Diego this past fall I was sold on the custom surf style boards. I chose Brigade after looking at all the different custom shapers because of the service. I sent Shawn an email and he responded quickly and then I spoke with him directly and we came up with a set up that will last me as I progress. He was non pressure and cool to deal with.

My set up is: ZULU with swallow tail, Thruster and added twinzers. I upgraded to the Josh Mulcoy 5 Fin Set up. I can play with the extra fins to see what it feels like. Got the board sock, repair kit, Fin box fillers for when I switch up the fins and a custom paint job. I'm sure I could have got a great board from Soulcraft or Walker project but I'm a Brigade guy now and dealing with Shawn through the purchasing and building process has exceeded my expectations.

Shawn would help you out with what board and set up based on what you want out of the board. He mentioned to me that he has a new shape coming out later this year too. Wouldn't hurt to touch base with him.

Now all we need is to get rid of this damn snow and we can start enjoying our boat again!!!

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After ordering and paying for a board from Brigade wakesurfing, Shawn is avoiding contact with us. anyone else have trouble not receiving their boards? He seems very unprofessional. 

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If it ain’t perfect, he don’t want to talk !  Took me many many months to resolve an issue and still not completely done when it arrived after getting not my board delivered to me , didn’t return my fins with my board and not all damage repaired when it arrived 

luv the board though 

he’s big bus now without big bus customer service 

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@crazyhousei went through a rather long saga with Brigade and got nothing but a runaround.  It took a year to get my board!!  PM me if you want more info.  I will say this though, get your money back and  go elsewhere!  

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I tried talking to him at a couple local events (they are based here).  He wouldn’t give me the time of day.  

I ended up ordering a board from Soulcraft.  Not only did Jeff take the time to work with me on my board choice, I feel like I could text him anytime and just have a bs session.  


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I have a Brigade Bravo. I bought the board with the impression that they're all made in USA (I try to buy domestic every chance I get). The board arrived, and it said made in China on the box. I texted Shawn to ask him about it, and he said that only the custom boards are made in USA. Would have been nice to know beforehand that for the same price I could have gotten a made in USA board from another company.

I like the board a lot. The next season, I decided to order a new set of fins for it, and a t-shirt to wear on the boat. The total was $150 or so. A couple weeks after my account was debited for the purchase, I still didn't get a shipping email. I emailed Brigade asking what was going on. They replied that the t-shirt I wanted was on backorder, and was delaying my order. I went back and forth for another 2 weeks trying to get just the fins shipped. 

Long story short, I started a charge back through my bank  because Brigade was empty promise after empty promise. A couple days after I initiated the charge back, I got a phone call from a higher up at Brigade (not Shawn, but can't remember his name) trying to work out a deal. He gave me a decent discount on the order, apologized, and shipped out the fins and a different t-shirt the next day. I don't know if I can trust Brigade with another order, but the board and Au fins are nice... Customer service definitely needs work.

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That's a shame to hear.  I got a brigade board 3 or 4 seasons ago and the owner was responsive and very helpful; maybe the shop just got to big for his britches.  I love my board (now a discontinued model) but the reviews here would make me weary of another one from the,.

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OK I know Brigade has taken a beating around here lately, but everybody I know with one loves it so I thought I would give them a shot.  I talked with Shawn and ordered a Tamarindo skim at 10:00am yesterday.  I received the board at 12:00pm today in Central California.  I can't speak for others and I ordered a stock board, not a custom, but talking with the owner and receiving the board the next day is pretty good customer service.  I can't wait to get out on this thing.  I've always ridden surf style so I went with a bigger skim to get up to speed. 





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Plus it’s a stock board!  Go custom and that’s where the issues begin.  Brigade told me any board you want we can do....no issues!  I’m calling BS! 

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