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Boat rules


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No shoes

No spray sunscreen

No glass

No horseplay

No standing on the seats

No kids without life vests

No beaching

Kids can't move when under way

No chee toes or orange chips

No sunflower seeds or in shell peanuts

No colored drinks. Kool aid, red wine etc.

No sitting on top of drivers seat backrest

No fishing from inside boat swim step only

No power turns (unless for safety)

Always try to circle downed rider on your right

Always approach a downed rider at idle

Never approach dock faster than willing to hit it

Never let the boat touch the dock when loading

Always check for plugs

Always check oil level

Always veer right to oncoming traffic

Always make sure other boats know which way you're going

Always be aware of your surroundings

Always acknowledge others downed riders

Always lend a hand to others in need

Always be courteous

Always be careful

Always use common sense

Always wipe down inside and out after loading on trailer

Always keep $20+ in glove box

DONT SWAMP THE BOAT!! (inside joke)

Always follow boating laws

Things I try to do regularly but often make exceptions:

walk it on the trailer

empty boat gear before storage (I keep boat at storage facility year round)

cover when outside

pull plug after every use

*I reserve the right to add, change and ignore any of the rules above.

I'm sure there's more. It's really the top 10 and the 3 C's that are absolute musts. Luckily I have a very competent crew and don't really need to enforce much. I state some of the more important ones to the newbies before boarding but most of it is on me to keep things from happening as the day goes on. I feel that I am responsible for everyone on the boat. If anyone thinks I'm out of line on any of these, feel free to speak up. Id like to hear any that others have that I might have missed.

I never expect anyone to pay but I do expect them to help out with clean up.

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NO footwear or soiled feet on the fibreglass.

NO scratching the transom with skis etc.

Stand anywhere you like with clean, shoeless feet.

Upshot is - do NOT scratch it and, within reason, don't dirty it.

It's like my car - if you damage it I will be very, very unhappy.

Other than that, have a heap of fun.

The more petrol that I use for the season, the happier I am.

Always check for plugs? There's a reason that I'm sometimes known as 'Bunger' around the river...

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Some of mine that I didn't see in the original post

No skanky/dirty feet in my boat

Do NOT enter my boat dripping wet. Dry off on the swim platform

Plus all of the others isellacuras stated above.

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We pull the rope in "most" of the times.

I have a teak swim platform and I tell people to just fall in the water, Seems like some people like hoping with a wakeboard on before going in the water. Not good for the wakeboard or the teak.

One thing I do is allow glass.

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I've made the following rule as well:

After putting board on, no jumping into the water or sliding/grinding into it.

Sliding/grinding is self explanatory. I used to allow people to jump in but I've seen some people short it (still have a small chunk out of my gel from his boards fins that I have to fill in due to that.. i'll get to it someday...). In addition to people shorting it and messing up my swim platform I have also seen people (typically noobs) jump into the water and not short it but then lose their balance and fall back towards the boat and almost smack their head on the platform. Since then the answer has been sit on your butt and slide into the water. It's awkward for most people and takes some coordination but after they do it a few times it's second nature for them.

I really wish the swim platform could take more of a beating. I personally dont see the need for it to be gel'd. I would prefer some type of material or coating that you could really beat the snot out of and it would never scratch / dent / chip. It's not worth it to me to have a half inch strip of color that matches my boat on my swim platform :D

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Also, side note. I'm really glad to see someone else has a laundry list of rules. I always feel a bit guilty telling people my rules for the boat, but the only other alternative is people get hurt or hurt your boat. The sad fact is people that don't own a boat have NO idea how expensive things are for a boat.

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Only have a couple rules.

Make sure your shoes are clean

Don't help me dock - sit down

Kids under legal age wear jackets

Have fun

Everything I like to drink comes in glass, so we are just care full

I like this one the best. Especially the docking part. I'm not a big rule guy, but I have my own boat. I always respect someone else's rules when on their boat.

Never feel guilty about telling someone about your rules. Your boat, your rules

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I'm a bit more lax. I allow shoes in the boat (no mud), just not on the seats if possible. Absolutely no Reef's with bottle openers on bottom as they scratch up anything they touch.

I'm okay with wine bottles (considering my wife drinks wine :biggrin: ), but prefer no beer bottles (many more of them). Plactic cups, no wine glasses.

The rest of your list is pretty reasonable/responsible I think.

Good mentality on docking the boat: No faster then you are willing to hit the dock. You are also correct about all hands in the boat when docking.

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If on an inland lake drive COUNTERCLOCKWISE around the lake.

If you are going slower than other boats stay more towards the center of the lake.

If you are going faster than other boats stay more towards the outside of the lake.

If you wish to anchor and swim, do so in the center of the lake.

As a group and in unison, flick off all passing jet skis that are jumping your wake.

Towers are not monkey bars.

If you're lucky enough to be on the water, you're lucky enough. There is no complaint department available.

The captain will accept food, beverages and other products and services of value. Forget so much as a thank you and a helping hand & you'll be landlocked.

If you break it it's my fault for letting you do so. Shame on me.

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Circles around the lake? Must be a tuber. Doing that makes the entire lake un skiable

(small lakes)

take a 200 acre or so lake, put 6 boats in varying directions and speeds, someone's gonna get hurt.

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If you're lucky enough to be on the water, you're lucky enough. There is no complaint department available.

I like that one. Well put.

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Holy crap that's a lot of rules.

I try to stick to 3 or 4 otherwise I can't remember them all.

1) No shoes

2) No chips/crackers

3) Help out and Be AWARE

4) Do something aggresive

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I really dont have any rules. My boating friends are all boat owners that I owe for years of taking me when I didn't have a boat.

About the only thing I get testy about is cell phones ringing. After one or two calls, I ask that all phones are turned off except mine. It's lake time, not work time.

Steve B.

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