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Star One DX DL6


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Long story short, I bought my boat with a Skylon Pro XT tower and never liked it. It was too tall for my taste and was mostly a skier at the time. I only used it three times a year for wake boarding and because of storage issues as well as the pain of having to use two people to lower it. I sold it on CL a year ago, with the intent to never wake boarding again. Shortly after selling the tower, I bought a used Sky Ski and was instantly addicted. During my quest to ride the Sky Ski I used a Skylon Pole in the mean time. Now dead set on Slalom and Sky skiing, it was time for a tower again. I took the boat down to Bakes, got her measured out for a Star One DX DL6 tower for my Response LX. Now the four week wait time for the tower to come in. Thanks Paul (at Bakes) for all your help.

Pictures to come!

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The DL6 is a 6" chopped down tower. Back when Titan was making the T3 you could get the DL6 for the 1st Gen Response LXi. It became an opiton for the other two models also.

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I'm guessing that Star One saw a demand that wasn't difficult for them to meet, so they did it. I've been asking for some time if they offer it, now we know. Very cool for the skiers, gives them one more good tower option.

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Those look awesome. Thanks for the pictures! Now I know what I get to look forward too. This four week wait is going to kill me.

Here is a picture of the old tower:


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  • 4 weeks later...

The tower came in last week at Bakes. I like how they shipped it, two layers of carpet, would have never thought of that.

Had a buddy help me with the install and almost had it finished before the rain rolled in.



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Adjusted and tightened all the hardware and ready for the first ride. This tower is rock solid, best upgrade hands down!

Thanks Paul at Bakes for all your help!


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Should be the same tower required for your Echelon...same basic footprint of the Response LX.

So there is a tower I would consider for my boat...............

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This tower is very lite, weight less then 50ish lbs and I'm 5'5" and the hairs on my almost shaved head with hit the back hoop. DL6 is the way to go on these smaller boats.

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So there is a tower I would consider for my boat...............

My thoughts exactly. A normal height tower would not quite fit the Echelon. This certainly would...

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Oh my word. Obviously I'm way ahead of my time. Lol….

I was telling everyone that it was the only tower for a ski boat back in the early 2000's. Everyone was telling me "why have a tower that wasn't full height", and why have a tower "you had to duck your head under?"

Lol….It's all good until you remember the historical trail.

Peter :)

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I am looking at doing the same exact tower. I think that tower looks great on Responses. How do the rear legs line up with the pylon? I use a boom frequently and need to make sure the rear legs are in front of the pylon as we put the boom on when we are already on the water. Do you have some more pics that would show how they pylon and rear legs are in relation to each other?

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