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Helmets for Kids

Mackie 12

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Bu Team,

At what age would you recommend little one's start wearing helmets behind our boats? My son will be turning three this summer and am going to get him riding on the wakeboard with me and maybe to start on the traing ski's. He is already very comfortable on the ski trainer floating thing so I believe he is ready for the next step, although I will not push him if he decides not too want to try anyting new. Is it better to get him used to it right out of the gate? any recommendations on helmet types/brand?

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I am no doctor and I may be off base here but I would be concerned that a 3 year old could have risks with neck injuries from the added weight of a water helmet. Impacts taken at a 3 year olds typical riding speed would be very low. I'd wait at least until he starts going big.

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I had my my son out on a wakesurf when he was two, didn't think about a helmet. IF you really felt the need for one, MAYBE just one of the lightweight foam helmets like for riding a bike. My son is now 3 and like isellacuras mentioned, I'm more concerned with the weight of helmets and neck injury. Even in our RZR, he just wears goggles and a light weight bike helmet. I bought him a full MX kids helmet, but it just seemed like he struggled with the weight just standing up. I don't want his head whipping around because of the weight dragging his head around

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We have the boys wear a watersports helmet for wake boarding and slalom skiing. Get the helmets with the ear flaps, ruptured ears are dangerous too. We don't use a helmet for surfing although you can get clocked with a surf board too if it goes down into the prop wash and pops back at your melon. I personally wear a helmet wake boarding, but I flat suck.

I am speaking for kids 6-8 and above. I know momma would be all frowny face to 3 years old in my household.

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I'm kinda against all this helmet stuff. I've been doing this since I was 5 years old. I'm 41 now. I do not see the need for a helmet. Yes, you might get hit in the head with the board, yes it might give you a little gash or ring your bell but that's just part of the sport. You can get those same bell ringing with a helmet on. Can't keep em in a bubble.

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I guess in my profession I always error on the side of caution, my son did not start wearing a helmet at 5 years old when he started wakeboarding, now I make it mandatory for him to wear it. Can you still get injured with a helmet? Sure you can, but I think the Pro's far outweigh the Con's. My first question for you would be what level is he riding at? It sounds like he is a beginner, going very slow? Personally, I do not think its necessary for a helmet at a beginning level, when they start progressing and going wake to wake, 180's, 360's, inverts, etc... this is when I felt it was necessary to have him in a helmet. You can really ring your bell at 21-22 mph if you catch an edge, and sustain serious head trauma if a board wacks you in the head.

Here is a an example...

5 years old....14 mph


10 years old...21.5 mph


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My kids all wear helmets, but they are older than 3. I wear a helmet, but I'm old and I suck (although I do enjoy it).

My youngest was 7 last summer and just learning on the wakeboard. She was up riding at just 15mph and somehow the board came around on her like an accidental surface 180, only before coming all the way around she caught the front edge and went down HARD. It was tough to see. The image of her little 60lb. body disappearing and hitting the water that hard still haunts me (I have a video of it somewhere). Protect your little ones...

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