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Engine mount removal help

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So I'm pulling the engine on my 2001 sportster. Cracked the block, long story. I picked up a reman 383 stroker long block for $2300. Got started today I removed the water pump, wiring, and shaft coupler ect ect. I'm pulling motor and transmission. The only thing holding engine to the boat is the mounts. My question is should I unbolt where the mount mates to the boat or where the mount mates to the block? I'm trying to figure out the best way to remove the motor without have to mess with the alignment. If any of you guys can give some advise and some pics I'd greatly appreciate it.

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You are still going to have to loosen up the fasteners that lock your alignment in place even if you only unbolt the mounts from the block just to get it free. Don't be so afraid of doing a re-alignment. It's not that difficult. And since you have the means of lifting the engine out........alignment should be a snap. You can find a procedure here just by doing a search.

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I'm not really that worried about alignment worse comes to worse I have a shop do it. I'm just trying to find the best and easiest way to pull the engine and put it back in after I swap part off the old into the new. my means of lifting the engine would be using a forklift at work and won't have much time since I'll have to do it on my break.

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Ok thanks. Wasn't sure if I'd have any problems lining the motor back up to the mounts. And another thing. When I was pulling my shaft coupler off of my trans coupler. I noticed my shaft wasn't very easy to turn and it kinda of squeaked. Could this just be because it's been out of water?

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The cutlass bearing inside the shaft strut is water lubed. If the boat has been out of the water for any amount of time, that bearing / sleeve is dry.

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A picture of your mount would be helpful. As noted I would leave the section attached to the stringer and I think you should be able to simply split the mount itself at the adjuster and leave that part attached to the engine itself. As noted, you will have to do the engine alignment once you do the install.

Note: you indicate that you will need to do this on your break, it appears that means you will be under a time crunch and under pressure to get the job done quickly. Given that, the chance for mistakes goes up dramatically. I would suggest you write out all your steps in advance by sitting in your boat and visualizing the entire process as you go, then practice in your mind several times, that way you have lots of time before you are under pressure to think through every step. A few things to consider:

1. do you know the balance point of the engine/trans combo so that when you lift it doesn't tip / swing unexpectedly?

2. have you gone over every piece of wiring and every item that is attached to the engine?

3. will the forklift have enough capacity and lift the assembly high enough to clear?

4. PM Michigan Boarder, he just pulled his unit and should have a fresh perspective of issues / surprises, etc.

Good luck, that Sporty should really scream w/ a 383. I would look at the cam specs on the new unit and compare to the GM marine cam you are pulling out - 196 / 205 deg duration @ .050" lift, .431"/.451" valve lift, 112 deg split. That might be one item you want to swap. Is the block you are removing a 4 bolt or 2 bolt, the marine ones are 4 bolt.

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Here's what my mounts look like:post-8942-0-67230700-1395676281_thumb.jp

I simply removed that top nut and lock washer and lifted it up, it went really easy. I scribed the bottom and tops of the mounts to make sure that if anything moves it could get put back in the right position. I'll still do an engine alignment, but at least I know I'll be really close. I also left the engine mounts on the block for transport.


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Yeah I have gone threw it in my mind many times. I'm going to take my time and try to do some of the work before hand. I'm doing it right and I'll have the alignment bar hooked up so the engine will be balanced when it's plucked. Yeah I can't wait to get it on the water and see how she does. Chevy vortec 383 370hp and 456ftlbs my sporty better scream. The specs on the cam, HYDRAULIC MARINE CAMSHAFT

.447/.462-256/262-212/218-112 DEGREES

I'm pretty sure I won't need to swap for the old one.

Yeah my mounts look just like the ones in your pictures.

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