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Leak Response LX 98'

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I have a 98 Response LX that takes on water while. The boat is garage kept when not in the water. The bilge pump keeps up but abviously want to resolve the issue. Below is a list of things I have done or clues.

Thanks for any advice in advance...

Replaced seal "cord" around shaft...Gortex - not it

With boat tilted at pretty tall pitch, used larger jack stands, prop guard on trailer near ground, added water to boat. I see water leaking from the oval hole in the hull around the shaft. The water is actually filling up the cavity behind the hole in the hull and dripping from the backside of the oval hull hole, not dripping directly down the shaft. Check this out though, I thought would be the box with lid between the mufflers. HDS I believe. Well, I added water very slowly and the steady fast drip is present even before the water level reaches the top of that box lid. I can actually go from very slow drip to steady fast drip before the water level even reaches the short rubber hose before the shaft enters the black HDS box. Very odd, driving me nuts.

Hard to locate the leak as I'm not sure if it is the increase in water volume forcing the leak rate to increase in out of a leak in extreme rear of boat or what.


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Leaking between the stuffing box and the hull maybe? I still wouldn't rule out an HDS issue yet. They were very common leak points on the direct drive boats of your vintage.

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Wow, Rob, that's a very detailed and pretty intense fix for the box. I guess I assumed the leak was all about the lid but not the case it would seem. Never worked with fiberglass but your instructions seem very straight forward and completely possible to do myself. Are you just filling the entire cavity with the epoxy resin after using the cloth to adhere the shaft cover you built? Do you feel any additional vibration with the hard box vs the water filled box?

Thanks for a sweet write up!!

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Can't take credit for the write up, just knowing where to find it. I had Farmers do mine as well. It was a good thing too because in addition to installing the shaftlog, they discovered I had a bent shaft, bent skeg and loose tracking fins. They also checked my engine alignment after everything was done.

If you're going to attempt this yourself, google "fiberglass shaftlog" and also grab the West System literature on fiberglass repair. http://www.westsystem.com/ss/

Not sure it would be my choice for first fiberglass adventure. Their must be a bunch of shops in FL that can knock it out for you.

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Has it always leaked? Did the leak start after a prop strike?

We always have a little water in the bilge. I replaced the shaft seal while winterizing last year and opened up the HDS for inspection. There wasn't a crack but the original fiberglass work appears to have been done by a blind Parkinson's patient. There is a small hole about the size of a pencil eraser which I'm going to fill with marine sealant when I seal the box back up. Hopefully the shaft seal and/or HDS fix drys out the bilge a bit. I cleaned it last fall and I'd like it to stay that way.

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The compound Malibu uses to join the outer and inner hull eventually cracks. The water that resides in the HDS box normally will get through the crack, move between the hulls and percolate up around the center drain area where the inner hull is open.

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Thanks all for the posts...

It was the HDS without a doubt...

I like the approach Rob took and may even do a shaft log later but the 5220 Marine Adhesive is what I did for now. Have used it on holes in canoes that flex like crazy and the stuff is awesome. Gave it a good prep and used plenty of it around the inside entire premier of the box. Once totally cured, loaded boat up with water and plug, she holds water like a champ. Not so much as a drip. I like the 5220 because it is flexible too which appeals to me in this Situation as it seems the lack of flexing is what got me in the mess. Not counting the original concept that is...

Will follow uplater with longevity results.

Excited to have the issue resolved as summer is quickly approaching down here in FL.

Thanks again and Enjoy your toys!!

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Tried the boat out today on the open water, water leak is no more...really put the boat under stress too, no problems. Very happy with the results at this point.

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