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Prop change


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Been working out of town and unable to stay connected with the crew. I currently have a acme 231 prop on my 97 sunsetter for surfing. I run around 2500-3000 lbs ballast for surfing. Looking for a prop with a little more holding power, Will the acme 911 be a good upgrade? If not what would be best? Thanks in advance!

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Thinking about going to the 911. Just worried about going to a 3 blade vs 4 blade

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I had the fear when i upgraded my prop. This is from acme:

Theoretically, a 3-blade propeller should always be more efficient than a 4-blade. However, in the past, two big issues have prevented the 3-blade from taking the lead in popularity. The first was a lack of manufacturing precision, which commonly caused 3-blades to vibrate more than 4-blades. When significant dimensional variation exists in a propeller, vibration is generally more noticeable in a propeller with fewer blades. The second reason for the 3-blade disfavor was an almost certain loss of blade area in the transition from four blades to three. Consequently, even though top-end gains were achieved, performance expectations on the low-end were diminished.

Through the implementation of precision manufacturing and design improvements, Acme Propellers are giving the 3-blade the reputation it deserves. Acme is consistently holding tolerances never before achieved in propeller production. This accuracy makes the Acme 3-blade incredibly smooth. In addition, the blade area of the Acme 3-blade has been expanded to equal that of the Acme 4-blade. The translation? The Acme 3-blade has raised the performance bar. From an awesome hole-shot to an unmatched top end, and all the smoothness throughout, the Acme 3-blade leaves nothing to be desired. We believe it has an edge that everyone will appreciate. On the other hand, please do not mistake our excitement as a lack of appreciation for the Acme 4-blade, a proven winner.

It should be noted that this choice might still be mildly influenced by application, because it is possible that the most perceptive users might be able to detect slight differences that cause them to prefer one prop over the other. Even still, the overall performance of either Acme Propeller is paramount, and is that from which dreams are made.

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Did you run the 911 riggowrestler?

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No, I run a 541. Pitch 12"(70%ski, 20%wakeboard.10%misc.). I have different Shaft size then you. The 911 has a pitch of 10.5".

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