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Warning buzzer malfunction???

smooth as glass

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Anyone ever have to replace this little bugger. I believe I've tested the water oil and tranny sensors but after warmup the buzzer keeps going off seeminly for no reason. any ideas.

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Did you check your oil pressure switch (not the oil pressure sending unit) It will cause your buzzer to sound even if your oil guage is showing good pressure.

The switch is located in the same area as the sending unit (probably by your oil filter) and will have one wire coming from it (brown, I think) Mine failed, and it was making my buzzer sound. It's a cheap and easy fix, if that's the problem.

If the buzzer is going off, it's working, and should not need replacing.

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Yes disconnected and ran 5 mins buzzer still going off. What I didnt mention was that my oil pessure bottomed out. I discovered the oil pressure wire connector loop broke and probably was arcing. I'm wondering if that would short out the buzzer somehow.

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Disconnecting the wire to the switch will cause your buzzer to sound. If the switch is working properly, it sends a ground signal to the ECM when there is enough oil pressure. Try disconnecting the switch wire and grounding it (the loose wire) to the engine somewhere. If the buzzer stops, the switch is the problem. This is what my dealer did to diagnose a bad switch.

BTW, when this happened to me on my '02 SSLXi, the rhythm of the buzzer was Beep,Beep,Pause,Beep,Pause,Repeat.

The Oil pressure sending unit does not go through the ECM, it goes straight to the gauge. And the ECM is what is driving your buzzer, so any arcing on the pressure sending unit should not short anything out as far as the buzzer is concerned.

Did the gauge come back to life after you fixed the wire to it?

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Yea guage is fine.. just talked to dealer, he said since the pressure sender wire probably grounded out he wants to clear the ECM. hopefully thats all it is.

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The ECM is definitely getting a signal (or not getting one it's looking for) which is putting the ECM into alarm (assuming the ECM is not damaged). The Oil Pressure Sending Unit will not do this, it's not monitored by the ECM. The ECM monitors oil pressure via the switch.

I'm not sure the ECM on the Monsoon stores codes like a car (I don't have my service manual handy at the moment) I know my car stores codes for 80 keystarts, but if the problem is gone, it will not show a check engine light (equivalent to our beepers beeping on the boats), even though the code is still stored.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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