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Warning H20 audio users

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This is probably in the wrong section but I really don't want this to happen to anyone. Cause it ruined my day at the lake today.

For those that don’t know this is a new product to waterproof your ipod so you can wakeboard or ski with it.

The arm strap that holds your Ipod to your arm and keeps the waterproof housing in a pouch that is only held in by a tiny velcro strap. It is not strong enough to hold the ipod and housing in the pouch in a fall. Furthermore the waterproof housing doesn't float without the neoprene armband. Of course I found out the hard way. Now my new 60 GB ipod video is at the bottom of the lake in its nice waterproof container playing to the fishes until the battery dies. Mad.gif

Its not just the money I have in the ipod, the h20 waterproof case, headphones but all the time loading all the albums and cataloging them. That really burns me up. (No I didn't back it up) Crazy.gif I had about 30 GB full. Cry.gif

I have e-mailed the company and gave them some ideas on how to prevent this like using a locking zipper or a heavy duty snap instead of velcro. All there documentation says they don't warranty the ipod but they do warranty there stuff if it is defective which I consider this to be a big defect! We will see what they will do. But seeing how I have nothing to show for it, I doubt they will do anything anything.

I really wish they would have tested this more! Just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking about this product.

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That really sucks!

The good news: And the only thing I can add that might brighten your day - aren't the songs, albums, playlists, etc. all on your PC? Thats how the iPod works - everyhting is stored in iTunes (unless you use some other hacked software to get your music on the iPod that I don't know about)...

The bad news: I suspect they'll refer you to their accessories page where they show their Pro Armbands "Designed for active use in the water like Surfing, Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing and Swimming"... UGH!

Hope you get things worked out... We should try to get together and ride sometime...


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I can't believe that. I never saw that page but the armband looks exactly like the one I have. I thought the whole Idea was for water sports! The fall was not very hard at all.

I use I tunes but I have the auto sync feature off, but I have all my stuff on cd as well. Its just a lot of work to reload.

Yea we do need to get together so I can try that monster wake out. Yahoo.gif


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That’s the armband I have. I use I tunes but I have the auto sync feature off, but I have all my stuff on cd as well. Its just a lot of work to reload.

Well that complicates things... Yikes.

If you have/had the armband I linked to that they advertise as being for wakeboarding, I really think they are liable - that sounds like an express warranty to me (I have my Law final tomorrow so I am in that mode right now :)).

Again, we should get together and ride sometime... I'd be happy to drive up your way (not to invite myself or anything ;)), and you are certainly welcome on my boat...


EDIT: loks like you edited your post just after I quoted it :)

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