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Lovin' our 'Bu

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Well, all the winter mods are done, the hockey season is over, and I dewinterized her last month. We have been waiting for an opportunity to get her wet for over a month. Yesterday there was no rain and it was partly sunny, so I ditched work and picked up my son after school and we were off to the lake! She started right up and after burning off the fogging oil, purred like a kitten. This was our first chance to listen to the new stereo at a volume loud enough to appreciate the quality and clarity of the stereo, and WOW! This is the best sounding system I've ever heard in a vehicle.

I didn't get a chance to listen to the Addictions behind the boat, but from what I could tell listening to them in the boat, they will do their job just fine.

Now, if I could find a driver, I'd break out the dry suit! Still a little chilly for the wife. Air 59 , Water 53. That's 112, so I'm in!


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Que up the "Have a Drink on Me" and let those Addictions eat......

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Looks like your son might be old enough to drive?? If not I'm sure you'll get plenty of volunteers with that ride!

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My boy just turned 9 on April 11th. He know how to start the boat and drive it around, but I haven't taught him the art of pulling yet. I have gone over some of the points with him, and by the end of summer, he'll be the man.

At 9 years old a kid only has so many actual choices in his life, so I let him wear his hair however he likes as long as he washes it daily, and keeps it neat...which he does. He also chooses his clothes. He doesn't like blue jeans, and he only like old rock classic t shirts...the has the Rolling Stones, Led Zep, Bob Marley and the Wailers (his favorite), AC/DC, and a few others I can't remember. Today he asked for a Nirvana shirt so I'm not sure where he is going with this theme.

I did a job for a guy who is a pro barefooter who is build his new house on a private ski lake...so obviously, I offered him a spectacular deal in exchange for days on his lake...which he accepted. Saturday he invited me for some runs (air 61 water 57) which were great!! On his turn he asked if he could try my wakeskate as he had never tried one before, of course I said sure. This guy got up first try, did a couple of surface 180's and then jumped wake to wake and landed it! I've been skating for 2 years, and I can't do that. Quite the athlete. He said I could come over any day and ride with him. He is also ski patrol at Crystal Mountain and offered me a free pass any time! He is sponsored by Sanger, Ten-80, Vortex wet (dry?) suits and others. He gave me a cool Vortex sweatshirt and is hooking me up with a pair of Gargoyle ten-80 boardshorts. I think I've got me a new best friend!!

Today I took my son and a bunch of my employees and their kids to the lake for some warm weather fun. It was about 68 and the water was 59. All the kids were arguing about who was going to jump in the lake first (I had wetsuits for everyone of them but one). My son (the youngest) walked past them all, saying nothing, and jumped on in. They all asked if it was cold and he said "Yeah...but in a couple of minutes the suit will warm up, and you get used to it." So all the rest of the kids jumped in and immediately jumped back out complaining non stop and loudly about how cold it was. All the while my son is hanging out in lake, not saying anything...finally he spouts "Give me my wakeskate, I'm ready for a run." He kicked it, had a great run and looked like a total stud never complaining about the cold or anything else. One of my employees son whose was 16 said "Let me try that" so I briefed him on how to get up and he jumped in. He

got the board positioned OK and I started to give a little tension and he let go and said he was done! My employee was so embarrased that he couldn't even talk. I brag my son up all the time and I'm sure some of my employees thought it was all biased Dad boasting. By the end of the day, after he boarded a couple of runs and skated another, they were all telling me how awesome he was and what a stud he is. Man, I couldn't have been more proud!!! He requested Led Zep "Stairway to Heaven" as the song he boarded to, ended up getting the whole album. I'm so lucky. Biggrin.gif

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He's got great taste in music, with Nirvana the only exception. Rockon.gif

Actually, Nirvana is the only one that isn't played out. I grew up with the other music and I just can't listen to it any more.

I've got to agree with Badbob, he needs a haircut.

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