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Wakemaker bags in rear lockers

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Hi Folks -

I just received the 750 kit for the PnP rear lockers form my brand new 2013 23 LSV. I have a couple of questions:

How does the dash display deal with the added volume? Does it:

1) simply not know and only indicate the level in the fixed tanks

2) allow you to change the configuration somewhere in setup so it is accurate?

3 do something else...

On the install, Wakemakers sent a lot of hardware, and either I don't fully understand the installation, or there are some extra fittings. I am assuming the 90-degree fittings are for the top of the bag, but I'd love clarification from someone who has done this.

thanks tons,


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Im gonna give you my experience with the bags..

I also purchased the 750's and I have a 2013 247 (MFG'd late in the year so I have the newer PnP system)

It is really simple.

- Take the plugs out of the existing 3 hoses in each locker

- lay the bag out

- hook up the connectors

- open the main valve switch on the fill hose (its pretty obvious its a big black lever)

- put the fancy grey cap marked Air Release in the top hole in each bag..(use this to bleed the bags if u have too much air)

Now realize that you are gonna have to get your a** in the locker to get the bags and connectors to fit perfect...its quite a workout...my feet were up in the air and the guys at my marina were laughing so hard.

As far as how we "use the bags" I tell the boat to fill all....we open the lockers and just eyeball them ...I don't trust the system to stop...(I popped off a hose once) and once they are full I turn off that side or both or whatever...

I am sure there is a better way...but we just do it "manual"

Disclaimer...i own almost zero tools...and I am probably the least handy person I know....if I can install these bags..anyone can.

also, call Wakemakers..they are so nice and will walk you through it...they did for me

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To answer your question the dash display does not know and only indicates the level in the original hard tanks.

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