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no spark

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Well its time to pull the bu out for the summer and I cant get it to crank. I dont have spark at the spark plugs does anyone have any suggestions other than take it to a shop because im a college student and low on money. I do have the indmar manual but was jus wantin some suggestions to what i need to check first.

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Take off the distributor cap & see if its had moisture inside. Check the points "contacts" to ensure that they aren't burnt or have debris between them. After reassembly, if it still won;t start, pull the coil wire off of the center of the dist cap & ground it & see if there is spark there. If there is you may have a problem with the rotor, as sometimes a little hole will burn in the bottom of it, gounding out the spark. After that, check for 12 volts at the + side of the coil while cranking. If there is voltage there, the points look good & are opening & closing while the engine is being cranked & there is still no spark I would condemn the coil.

Hope this helps.

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Where are you located? By the coast?

My old school mechanic told me to put a piece of paper in-between the points over the off season to keep them from corroding.

Spend $85 on the breaker-point to electronic conversion from Pertronix. I got mine from a high performance auto shop, they had to order it. I think my motor ran stronger and I don't have to worry about points.

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sorry guys I should have been a little more specific. The engine is cranking over just fine but its just not producing spark. Im going to go ahead and order a tune up kit from skidim and a coil ignition im sure it could use it.

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Have you looked at your kill switch and cord to make sure it is working ok? At this point there are a lot of things it could be. How did it run the last time you took her out?

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It ran great last summer. It actually is a older model so it doesnt have a lanyard switch unless it did have someone and they bypassed it for some stupid reason lol. Ill let you guys know what i figure out

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