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multiple board racks


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I am going to put a sky ski rack on one side of my illusion x, is it possible to put two board racks on the other side? Actually I would like a wakeboard rack and a surfboard rack, are there enough spots to do that? Also, does anyone have a hydrofoil rack on the illusion x? The titan one piece would be nice, but wondering if anyone has tried it.

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We've experimented a little with this. Basically, if you want 4 boards on one side, you need to turn the bottom rack upside down (on the Titan racks you can actually take the forks off of the plate & install them upside down). Doing that, it makes the forks stick straight out & gets the angle at an acceptable position to allow 4 boards on 1 side. We've only tried this with Titan racks, so it may be different with other brands, I don't know. The lift offs make it really nice because you can just physically turn the rack over & install it upside down. No need for that yet, but when we get our sky ski rack we'll be looking for flexibility in the rack setup.

BTW, Samson is working on a pivoting sky ski rack for the Illusion. Other than them, Comptech & Metcraft both make racks for the Illusion, the Comptech being the only one that pivots into the boat. The Metcraft is basically a surfboard rack with a strut for the foil that attaches at the top position. I may be able to dig out a picture if you need it.

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Having a surf rack on the lower position may work, I'm not sure. The big thing will be what you have in the bottom of the top rack, where the boot is in relation to the board in the lower postion....but if you put the surfboard in topside down (with it curving down) it may just work. The thing that may work the best would be to have 2 regular racks upper & lower, & just use those 2 middle positions for surfboards. That only works if you have surfboards that will fit in a standard wakeboard rack though.

Titan's sky ski rack is a joke, it's the same thing as their surfboard rack with no strut to hold the foil. I wouldn't even consider a rack like that.

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wooops, I ordered it from wakeside, at least I made sure that it was completely returneable. I called Titan and asked about it, they said it was great, so I'm sure it is...just kidding. I'll give it a tough test right out of the gate and see how it does. Are there any other manufact. that make hydrofoil racks for that tower?

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Just Metcraft & Comptech that I know of, at least the ones that make a rack with the strut for the foil. I have an Air Boom that I keep considering modding to fit, but the moment I do Samson will have theirs done. I played with their prototype at the boat show - that's the one I want. :)

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