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Installing Perfect Pass


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Hi All,

I am new to this site and had a few questions regarding my 2004 Malibu Sunscape 21 ft. LSV.

1) I am wondering what kind of speedo's these older ones use (pitot or wheel) and if anyone has insight as to why mine is registering a speed but is not at all accurate... Also what does the speedo button on the dash do? I have heard this zero's the speedo but it doesnt seem to work. Also how would I go about clearing the pitot tubes if that is the issue?

2) The shower switch is not working and we cannot get any hot water through the shower (was wondering if there is a fuse for this or a separate pump?)

3) How hard is it to install perfect pass (GPS speedo) and a cruise control for surfing and slalom skiing. If so what would you need for parts?

4) I have noticed that our ski locker seems to be filling up with water on a regular basis and have noticed no visible leaks....

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



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Here's what I answered on your other thread.

My 2003 is paddle wheel. Have you tried adjusting the speedo? Mine was off by about 4 mph last year. Adjusted it using a phone app for speed.

I just installed PP Saturday. Pretty easy. 2 hours taking my time. Hooking up the servo is easy. Running the wire, mounting the module and figuring out the wiring took the most time. Mine was prewired for it and made it way easier. PP website has a lot of good documents to help.

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1. If there is a paddlewheel in the bottom of your boat that looks like this, then you use paddlewheel. if you have pitots on the bakc of your boat with tubes running out the transom you have pitot. to adjust the speed, if you have the double rocker switches on the dash each one is there to control a different speedo so using GPS on a phone like erickson said you can adjust to get it right.

IF your problem is the pitot tubes being clogged, you can blow them out with compressed air using an air compressor.

to do this you'll need to remove the hoses from the medallion MDC. if you look under your dash with a pitot system you should see those 2 white prongs each with a little black hose attached to them and you can slip off the hoses on this end. After that go to the outside of the transom and remove the hoses from the top of the speed pitots , with the hose dangling back there, shoot the air through the hose to try to blow anything in there out. if you can blow air through with your mouth you're good to go.


2. it's fused on the breaker panel, and mine's labelled shower. so hopefully yours is that easy.

3. it's not hard to install, I installed it in about 3 hours. if you call up perfect pass and order and tell them your engine model and boat year and make they'll send you every single thing you'd need. I bought perfect pass stargazer, it's everything you'll need to use cruise control for surfing wakeboarding kneeboarding skiing, even tubing if you'd care to.

4. the plug in the ski locker could be undone allowing bilge water to rush into the ski locker and settle, another culprit which seems to go unnoticed and unchecked is the bow lift hook, those holes at the bolt have been known to allow water in, you could remove and silicon, or you could try to see if you can get water into it, to find out if that's the problem.

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03 is paddle wheel (Im assuming the 04 is too). If yours is way off like mine, I bet there is a cup broken off the wheel.

I'm going to install PP GPS at some point so I didn't bother to fix it. I bought a 3 dollar suction cup mount for my iPhone 5 and run a GPS speedo app on the phone. It works awesome.

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Disclaimer: I really don't know what I'm talking about....

But from what I read: The hot water showers really only works after the boat is under way and warmed up, not idling in the driveway.

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