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HDS Question


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After searching for a while I haven't been able to find the info I'm looking for.

I am keeping my eyes on the "new to me" slalom boat market and I'm trying to figure out what boats to keep a lookout for. I would love a Bu but I want to stay away from the HDS box.

Can anybody tell me what year they started using the HDS box in the Response/ Sportster/ Echelon boats? Also, what year did they finally stop? Or are they still doing it??

I know there's way more HDS boats out there that don't have issues, but given the choice I'd rather just stay away from it all together and know it will never become an issue. I'm also staying clear from the old Computron systems. My assumption is that I'm looking for the 95-97 model years to avoid these 2 systems?

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Don't sweat having the hds box. It really works, and every direct drive since '95 or so has one.


Well, there's one '09 - '12 DD that didn't have it.

Otherwise, I'm with Peter on this. Most earlier-year HDS problems have probably already happened and have been fixed, and later DD boats rarely have any issues.

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I agree with Peter. There are Thousands of HDS boxes in operation with little to no problems at all. Almost all of the really desirable hulls have them. From 97 up you start getting the higher HP Vortec engines and multiport EFI.

Both were Game changers.

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Well, there's one '09 - '12 DD that didn't have it.

I stand corrected. The FXi (Since it is a VTX with a center engine) did not have a HDS.


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Didn't the 23' XTi boats not have it either? Probably not the 247RX either.

OP, it's easy enough to test for that. With the boat out of the water, you fill that part of the hull with water to just below where the packing is (if the level is up to the packing, it will simply leak out through the packing). If it's leaking back out through the shaft area, then it has an HDS leak. If not, then it's good.

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