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Questions for Surf Wave Experts

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I've been reading about all the different types of wakes in several threads (soft, hard, etc.), and trying to figure out the difference and how to tell what I have by looking at it when I am out playing with ballast.

Also, if you have a soft wake is there an easy way to make it a hard wake and the opposite as well? Can it be changed as easy as the way you shape a wave by adding bow weight to make the wave longer and more in the rear for a taller wave?

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Soft or hard I can only tell by riding it but I'm no pro. I do have the same hull as you and one thing for me is when I have the cruse set say 10.8 if I have the gas just as much as I need to hold 10.8. It is a little softer than if I give it a little more gas. Yes, its at the same speed but I think it has something to do with how hard the prop is working. The way I think of it is more torque less turns on the prop less turbulent flow. Harder wave. Just my guess. Deeper water 17+ also helps the wave get full development harder wave. Deeper the boat is more time to develop harder the wave. Just my 2 cents. But sure the pros will chime in.

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I'm no hydrodynamcist, but for me speed = hard, weight = tall and wedge = lip/curl and height to some degree but it is a delicate trade off. I very seldom use the wedge anymore since I have added more weight, especially when I am on my skim P5 Carbon Pro.

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Properly positioned weight combined with speed equals firm wave. To much weight, stacked in back, is a c'mon mistake and leads to a mushy wake. Honestly an often overlooked peice is that people only weight the surf side. Weighting the non surf side on the rear is important to dig a hole (as WG says). On my boat it keeps the wave from being too perpendicular like a wall. But overdue it and it becomes wash and the face isn't clean.

So there will need to be weight in front on surf side. Load up the surf side with weight as much ad possible and the surf locker full and non surf side stock ballast full. Starting point.

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Thanks guys! When playing with my ballast setup a couple weeks ago I think I noticed some of that but didn't realize what it was, but could tell that particular set up was not working and would try something completely different.

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