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08 v ride or 05 VLX...help me decide

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Trying to decide between two boats. A 08 v ride and a 05 VLX. A little about us, my wife slalom ski's but nothing crazy serious, I wakeboard and we both surf. The 5 year old wake boards, surfs with mom or dad, and rides the tube. 2 year old rides tube as well. The only other concern is towing weight. But we only tow 10 miles each way to the lake.

Currently have a 2000 wakesetter VLX for past 7 years. We put 75-100 hours a season and looking to upgrade.

2 boats similar priced I'm looking at:

1) 08 v ride.

- low hours (less than 100)

- center and rear ballast bags

- floating wedge

- like new condition

- stock stereo (no sub or tower speakers)

- malibu cruise control

2) 05 VLX

- 370 hours

- center, rear, and bow bags

- fixed wedge

- definitely has some wear and tear. several small rips in vinyl, seems separating on rear seats...nothing crazy but you can tell it's been used. Plus could use a really good cleaning. Boat lived on a dock so likely put away wet. However, supposedly maint kept up.

- upgraded stereo, sub but needs new tower speakers

- perfect pass

The vlx does have a more interesting paint job while the 08 is kinda boring but that isn't the biggest of deals. Both have IX towers.


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We have the V ride and have skied a 2008 VLX and a 2010 VTX diamond. VTX diamond skies best by a little bit, closely followed by the V ride. The VLX is quite far behind that.

For wakeboarding, The VLX and V ride are pretty much the same IMO. Both had factory ballast plus the V ride had 300 lbs of lead. VLX wake maybe a little wider but they were both money.

VTX was quite a bit worse for wakeboarding. It had the diamond hull plus 900# mls and wedge.

Surfing- VTX and V ride both pretty good with stock ballast and 5 people. Have not surfed the VLX.

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She has been happy skiing on our current boat so don't think the VTX Diamond would be needed or worth the extra cost since most of those I am finding are considerably more than these 2.

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Yeah, same hull as what I have now. Guess the wedge makes that much of a difference. Just heard the VLX has a better wake and wave stock. We have a 750 sac in the rear now but don't run crazy weight like some folks do.

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VLX will ultimately have a better wakeboard and wakesurf wake than the VRide if weighted correctly. Unless you are a high level wakeboarder the VRide wakeboard wake with weight in bow, center ballast, rear bags and wedge should be more than enough. Wakesurf wake can be made good as noted in other posts about the VRide. For a great wakesurf wake it seems 23LSV or 247LSV is going to provide better options, but also a larger purchase price.

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We love our 08 Vride and since adding 750lb bags to each locker and one for the bow it produces a very nice wake for wakeboarding and surfing. Given the descriptions and similar pricing I would say the Vride is a better choice. You also have to consider the market and depreciation for when you may be upgrading again. With the amount of hrs you plan on putting on a boat the vlx may be 500-600 hrs by the time you sell it. I see a lot of boats with those hrs still for sale after being listed for 6+ months. A vride with 300-400 hrs will sell a lot easier with little depreciation. Can I ask, how much are these boats being listed at?

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You have the same hull as the V-Ride will be a change but not huge. The VLX will be a full upgrade 100% the ski will be a little bigger wake but it is a soft wake. If I was you I would look at budget look at the VLX as $3000 more than the V-ride because over the next few year you will need skins and maybe a few other thing hour are good on both 370 is not bad at all. Keep in mind when you get the new skins the boat will look 100% better just need to put it in the budget now for later. If I was I would do the 05.



Cats (maybe depending on motor.)


ski better



Front dips way easier

Not as nice surf wake But still nice

less upgrades




way harder to dip front

Surf wake is way easier to tune and better

V25 hull

more upgrade factory and owner.


Need new skins soon

No cats

hours a little higher but not a big deal.

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What is the point in getting the V-ride if you already have a SV23 wake hull boat? It will perform identically and just have some difference bits and pieces inside; many of which you could upgrade on your current boat.

Also, would you like the last year of a 13 year hull run or the first year of a hull that is still produced? From a down the road resale perspective it is a no brainer.

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I don't believe the Vride has cats either.

VLX would be more of an upgrade from what you have. But doesn't seem like it's been very well taken care of.

I think I'd keep looking.

I maybe off but 07 up 340 had cats. In 08 all had cats.

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I maybe off but 07 up 340 had cats. In 08 all had cats.

Weird. My neighbor has an 08 Vride with no cats. Maybe it was a mid-year change? Or only on certain motors? He has the LCR.

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Weird. My neighbor has an 08 Vride with no cats. Maybe it was a mid-year change?

Maybe I'm off or the V-ride is the exception to the rule. Wakesetter8796 has a 08 sure he will chime in.

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On certain motors only. Monsoon. LCR didn't have them ever.

Yea, I just texted my buddy with a 2011 Vride & the LCR. It's been a while since I looked at his motor but I don't think he has cats either.

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Bradley and Nitrous have it right. I'd take the 05 vlx over the vride. VLX will feel much bigger inside too.

Seems like your waffling about the condition of the vlx... maybe this example of that hull just isn't the right one?

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