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stereo speaker hookup


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Picked up a 2002 sunsetter a week ago and have been going through the boat checking everything. At present the sub doesn't work and the tower speaker are not connected.

The head unit is a 4CH Boss Audio MR1314BAU which is connected directly to the 4 x 4 ohm boat speakers, 2 in the dash and 2 in the rear.

The amp is a Rockford Fosgate Punch 500x which is currently connected to the sub but the head unit above is not connected. I assume when the above head unit was installed they felt no need for the sub so left it out. The wiring however is still in place back to the head unit.

I would like to hook up the sub and 2 tower speakers but am a little stuck on which approach to take. Is it possible to parallel the 4 boat speakers to the front channel of the head unit and send the rear channel to the amp, then hook up the tower speakers and sub as a 3ch, setting the front channel as HP and the rear to LP? If I do this will the parellel front speakers be too much at 2 ohms for the 4 ohm head unit to handle?


purchase another 4ch amp for the in boat speakers and feed it from the front channel of the head unit and power the tower and sub as above?

Thanks for your help

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Brad- you are face to face with the constant battle of trying to control 3 zones off the head unit. It. An be done, but there are limitations with each approach. Likely why last owner/dealer quit on it and left it as is.

The "approved solution" is to add WS 420 or an Exile ZLD.... Then have 3 amps powering each of your 3 zones. THAT approach would give you true easy control over each of the 3 to blend/fade to your liking.

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Thanks for the great suggestions mate. I was always worried that everything would be blaring but those zone controllers will be great. Might even add some speakers in the front so the kids can have the music and I can just listen to the engine.

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Exactly. I have had both, they are both great. I have the ZLD going in my boat next week.

I tell folks, it's the single best item you can add to a boat stereo to make it sound better and easier to perform the way you want it. Hard to describe till you go from Not having one, to getting one.

Also, yep put a decent amp on your inboats. The 20-30w they may be getting off the head unit isn't doing them or you justice. Look for a true 50-80w on each of your inboats... You have much better/fuller sound.

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