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Maliview cutting out

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I have a 09 VLX with just over 300 hours on it and the maliview has now decided to cut out and reset. The screen goes blank and then starts up again. Very annoying. I have read the forums and seen posts from software updates to replacing the viper box. What is the successful fix for this?

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This is typical for 09 around 300 hours, I spoke with Malibu directly and before they were replacing your viper unit at your cost if out of warrenty however they have an update now in the dealer box so they can deploy it.

See thread here for sw versions so you can see if you have it or not.


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Check your maliview software version, apparently the 09 has this issue around 300 hours. If you have versions 14 then 14.2 is available, if you have 16 than 17 is available. These are available at the dealer on the dealer site.

Just had this done yesterday.

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The spring inside the ACC button on my 247 dash was defective.... so vibrations/bumps would actually cause my Maliview/MTC to do the same thing.. fire up your system.... and then gently tap on that blue ACC/ON dash button and see if you notice anything. Not enough to depress or engage the button... but enough to rule out that you have good contact inside that switch.

Also.... ensure its not a loose power/feed connection under there somewhere. Fire up your system.... and reach under there and pull and tug on all those wires all over under the dash...nothing violent, but create movement under there from all angles, allthe bundles of wires... but just to rule out you dont have a bad ground or a bad connection... what you describe sounds also like it could be a bad ground. ALSO.... remove the covers to BOTH of your under dash fuse boxes.. and gently tap and wiggle on EACH fuse...especially those relating to ACC, ignition, Maliview, Wedge etc etc. My fuse box was defective...the fuse slot holders were too loose and werent holding the fuses properly in their slots. Do the same on the fuse box on your engine. And do the same on the inline fuse holders underdash---Viperbox has one... and I think a another unde there? Cant remmeber.

Items under the dash are sometimes not secured well from the factory---> ie Fosgate Dash remote jumper connected to its extension under dash pulled tight and relying on the friction of the connector to stay together. IE missing tape or a zip tie.

Some of this might seem silly.... but easy things you can rule out in 10 mins before getting into big dollars with Viper Boxes and big item replacements.

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I’m guessing it does this??

Here's a long thread (know this problem well because of bubu's problems): http://www.themalibucrew.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34505-09-malibu-vlx-computer-problems/page-4?hl=bubu

bubu ended up with a new viper box under warrantee when the season was over but it wasn't tested until spring when the warrantee was up... While it stopped the Maliview restart problem, he still has a Power Wedge compatibility problem.

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The video shows exactly what is happening. Checking the software version I have today is 14, so I got 14.2 downloaded on a memory stick to be updated on days off. Hopefully this fixes the issue.

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Why would software fix this? It worked fine for 300 hrs and now a software update will fix the problems... I am going with nryan, a loose ground, wire, defective viper box, etc... please keep us updated on how you get it corrected.

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